Step by Step Planning Strategy to achieve your goals.

This blog will serve as a step-by-step planning strategy for you to achieve all your goals.

You can achieve any goal or even 10 goals together with perfect action strategy and mindset.

Please read it till last to fully gain its benefits.

Now without any delay, let’s start!

planning strategy


You have to first know what exactly are these dreams that you want to achieve?

For example – I want to become a world-famous actor.

And in how much time do you want to achieve them?

For example – Till the time I turn 25yrs old.

Some goals should not follow an urgency of time.

For example – I want to lose 30 kgs. of weight within 2 months.


This will lead you into over-exhausting your body and eating disorders.

So, this time thing is a boon only when your goal allows it.

Does your dream spark your soul?

Read our blog on how to know your purpose and passion in life to know how to answer this question.


Take a notepad and write down your goals for this lifetime.

Mark them as 1-2-3-4…

For example –

  1. I want to win an Olympic medal.
  2. Become lighter and fitter by losing 30kgs of weight.
  3. I desire a million-dollar business.

Write them with absolute details and include things like –

  1. I want to win a *Gold* Olympic medal in *Weightlifting* sport, my idols are *insert idol names*. I am doing this for *a reason for having this goal*. And any more detail you can think of.

Write all your goals with such details.


Having and maintaining good habitual routine is beneficial for your whole life.

Having set time for work, for fitness, for family and friends is very important.

For example –

If I want to earn a million dollars and I am just focusing on that goal and losing my 8 hours of sleep then that is not healthy.

As my bad health will catch-up with me and then I’ll be forced to take stringent actions to stop over-exploiting myself.

When I know any and all of my business work needs to be done between 9am-6pm or 4pm-2am and the rest of the time is carefully divided for other necessary things like fitness, family, reading good books, listening to music etc. – Then I will restrict it from overflowing its boundaries and sucking energy out of other important aspects of life.

Understand your body clock.

The first step in starting to restructuring your routine is to know at what time should you sleep?

For that know your circadian rhythm aka your body clock.

8hours of sleep and that to at the right time according to your circadian rhythm is of utmost importance.

The time you sleep will decide the time you Wake-up.

Which will thereby help you in outlining the rest of the day’s routine.

Notice the external distractions that might occur.

And find a solution to curb them in the start only.

You will have to learn to say “no”.

Learn to set boundaries.

Stand-up for your routine.

STEP NO.4 – 7-Day Action Plan!

Now you have your goals, You have a routine that enriches all aspects of your life.

Now what you need is a step-by-step plan to take action.

By now your mind will have listed out too many pathways to opt to achieve your goal.

Every Sunday take out your journal and write down your next 7 days clearly.

For example – Day 1 –

I will wake-up at *this* time, the bathroom gets free for me to use by *this* time so I will read a book till then. Then I will have my breakfast and start my working hour at *this* time. These are the 4 specific tasks that I have to complete within my working hours and also take lunch at *this* time. Then I will nap for these minutes and I will exercise at *this* time. Call a friend………etc-etc-etc.

List out your next 7 days very clearly.



Cut down your goals in tasks for everyday for the next 7-Days.

If an unforeseen emergency occurs – no issue, get back on track whenever possible.

STEP NO.5 – 1% Rule!


Make 1% progress towards your goals everyday and set realistic tasks in the 7-Day plan.

If you see yourself not executing the plan perfectly then change it from there.

For example –

In the starting, start by working out for 5mins. or waking up 10mins. earlier.

This will help you build trust on yourself and the process and will make sure that you have a mostly mess free growth.

Increase the task length and relevance as you move forward.

This will help you build a strong mindset.

STEP NO.6 – Uplifting, Positive Mindset!

What you are today and all that you have achieved today and all the actions you are able to take today is because of the thoughts you’ve been feeding yourself since the past 5 years.

Imagine yourself as your best version, think of your blessings, practice affirmations, keep the mind in control of your conscious aka real self.

Read this blog to further understand the power of your thoughts and how to take control of them.


Know that you are going to make mistakes, you will fall – and be okay with it. No success is perfect ever.

Allow change. Let it in Slowly. Let your mind, body, soul adapt accordingly.

Apply this strategy step-by-step for 2 weeks, if you don’t see results then make changes in it or search for another strategy and try it out – but don’t give up!

All The Best.