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How to know your purpose and true passion in life?

Read the blog to know more about what do we mean by the “purpose of life” and gain clarity on “your own life’s purpose”.

Let’s start by dissecting what do we mean by the purpose of life.

To me the purpose of life is simply something “You Live For”.

I cannot put it in more relevant or simpler words – it is something “You Live For”.

Something that connects with your emotions, your abilities, your past, your growth, your beliefs and anything and everything that connects with your core being.

You must have heard the following phrase by some successful people – “it puts my soul on fire” – your purpose is basically something that puts your soul on fire.

Even if you haven’t found your purpose yet, just know that each and every person has a passion in their life and you don’t find your purpose – your purpose finds you regardless of your age or any other social construct or limitation. It will find you.

Till then Have faith, Meditate, Read, Listen to good podcasts, Be grateful, Take any opportunity you get right now – LEARN!

Your purpose and the ultimate passion in your life makes your heart beat, mind boggle, achieving which gives you a “high” you’ve never felt before.

You can dedicate all the moments of your life to that thing that you live for, it is something that makes you happy and satisfied to your deepest levels.

Before moving ahead firstly know that the purpose of your life is “your own”.

And no one on this planet can judge or shame you for it. Don’t care if your purpose is too materialistic, too cliché, too bold, too romantic, too simple, too impossible. Your purpose is your own.

What you live for could be money, your children, a career, serving people, sex, lover, or anything and everything that “you know” to be your life’s purpose.


What if the purpose of your life is a specific person?

For reasons, some explained some unexplained, to some of you, what you live for can be a specific person.

It could be your lover, your parents, your friends, your teachers – anyone.

It so happens that when two lovers become each other’s life purpose – the unconditional love they hold for each other inspires love, romance and other lovers in the world.

It also happens that some parents know their life’s purpose to be their children and with so much unconditional love and pure guidance it’s the children who grow up to be extremely successful in serving the society.

If you know your purpose to be a specific person then that would mean the unconditional love you hold for that person.

Your biggest wish is to see them happy and growing everyday even if they aren’t around you.

The key here is that this unconditional love should not be forced in any ways by the expectations of society, moral obligations, or any other external factor.

It should purely be YOUR OWN CHOICE and it should be making you feel empowered and more YOU.

Can the purpose of your life be too small?

First of all let’s steer clear of the word “small”. It’s plain demeaning.


Purposeful goal = A scooty = Achieved = SUCCESSFUL LIFE!

Purposeful goal = A Mercedes = Achieved = SUCCESSFUL LIFE!

Something that fulfills you is enough.

Something that makes you happy and satisfied is enough.

Something that clicks with your soul is enough.


If you’re a person that belongs to this category then you need learn the art of high self esteem for functionality so that you don’t compare yourself to others.

If this purpose has been chosen by you because you “want” to chose it and not because of family pressure, background, limitations, limiting beliefs.

That you’d actually give up the big thing if you received it because the beautifully simple is what you really want then so be it.

Can the purpose of your life be too impossible?

See someone’s gotta be the richest person on earth, someone’s gotta be the fittest person on earth, someone’s gotta be the wisest person and someone – the most powerful.

So why can’t it be you if you WANT it and not just simply want it but you Know that this is your life’s purpose, you can feel it in your bones that you’re “IT”.

Then this is what you have to do. This is what your brain, heart, body was made for.

This is the path that is meant for you and this is what you gotta “LEARN”.

The biggest thing that you need to keep in mind first and foremost is to learn to be happy and Grateful where you are.

I know this huge thing is your destiny and you’ve been hustling for long and how can you be satisfied without fully becoming “You”.

That’s why I said – LEARN.

If you aren’t grateful for a penny, you won’t receive a million.

That is the law. That is the truth.

To know more about Gratitude and how can inculcate it in your life to be happy “now” and to receive more and become your richest or fittest or prettiest or wisest aka your real self – Read this.

What if you know your purpose to be multiple things?

Yes this is possible too.

Your multiple purposes might be in a hierarchy or horizontally aligned.

Meaning – that it is possible that your purposes are divided along the lines of higher or lower priority or they all can have same priority.

You’ll just need the right kind of planning and time management skills to develop it all.

Discipline and Right balance between the various tasks is the key.


You’ve read this blog and now you know your purpose is to be a sex writer like Carry from the sex and the city or maybe a psychic reader or anything that is considered taboo, unconventional or awkward.

You’ll be happy with it if people weren’t passing those judgemental looks.

Sorry to break it down to you – but it’s you’re your responsibility.

You’ve got to be so assertive about what you do that it becomes normal in the society.

Am sorry that the people who existed before you couldn’t normalize it but you should take the charge.

No am not talking about you “convincing” people – DON’T DO THAT.

Just become so assertive that the vibe and the confidence you throw off automatically convinces people and you will also attract the right people to you.

know your purpose


If you don’t think that anything in your life relates to the above-mentioned pointers, then don’t worry.

Everyone has a purpose in their life and YOU DON’T FIND YOUR PURPOSE – YOUR PURPOSE FINDS YOU.

Have faith, Meditate, Read, Listen to good podcasts, Be grateful, take any opportunity you get right now – LEARN!

“Slowly” develop the above-mentioned habits in a way that’s very easy for you.

And know that your purpose WILL EVENTUALLY find you on the way.