Grow your Instagram Followers in 2 weeks: 5 Simple Steps

Yes you absolutely can grow your Instagram followers up-to thousands in 2 weeks.

Just follow the 5 steps given below.

Remember! – Following are not just tips but a step-by-step plan on how you can take your Instagram account to greater heights.

The following are universally devised steps that work on all kinds of businesses, creators and public pages.

Step No.1

Switch to a creators account.

Here’s how you can switch to a creators account – Click Here.

Switching to a creators account allows you to surf and use all of Instagram’s functions.

Step No. 2

Have an Instagram strategy.

You might have to adjust this strategy every month according to the data in your insights.

But you gotta start somewhere right?!

So, devise an Instagram Strategy for a month and follow it wholeheartedly because it takes some time for any strategy to show its results.

Answer the following questions while coming up with a strategy –

Q1. How much can I post in a month?

Tip – If your niche allows you to post a post/carousel/reel daily, then great – Do that. But if your content requires time to be made then don’t overburden yourself, come up with a strategy that will help you grow despite of the lesser posts.

Q2. What is my story plan?

Tip – Now devise a story plan, for example – Mondays will be quiz Mondays and on Tuesdays I will sharing some wallpapers etc. Have a story plan.

Q3. What is my engagement plan?

Tip – Plan your engagement. Set daily guidelines that you can follow. For example – I will be commenting on 10 best posts on 5 Hashtags, I will be following 5 creators I admire of my niche daily, I will be DMing all my new followers with a warm welcome message etc.

Q4. At what time should I post?

Tip – This you can figure out by looking at your insights, post on the time your audience has just started to be active and not at the peak hour, if you just started a page then start randomly by picking a uniform hour when you’ll be posting but always post at the same time.

These are pretty much all the things you need for devising your personal Instagram strategy.

Step No. 3


In your planner, carve out days where you’ll be making and batching your content out.

For example – On Monday I will create all the stories for the week/month; On Sunday I will be making 10 reels and on Saturday I’ll plan the audio and content for them; On Tuesday I will be creating all the posts for the week etc.

Not everyday is the same, you might not get the time or energy to make reels/stories/posts every-day and you will lose consistency like this and won’t be able to grow your Instagram followers.

So, its best to batch out content for the week or month on specific days, so that only posting work remains to be done every-day.

And also, make quality content and give importance to reels.

If your niche allows it then please do focus more on the reels while devising your strategy and planner.


Step No. 4

Now you have batched out your content, you know your strategy and you’re executing all of it.

Now remember to appreciate and serve your audience pure heartedly even if your follower count is 5 or 10.

Be happy, trust your strategy and self.

Collaborate with fellow creators, leave genuine comments.

Always send a welcome message to your new followers.

Appreciate the existing audience before craving for more eyes on your page.

Step No. 5

Keep Updating your strategy as per your insights.

Follow the top social media strategists on Instagram and follow their advice on how to select your DP, Bio, Hashtags.

Learn how to read your insights from them. Here’s an article that will help you learn how to use Insights – Click here.

Conclusion –

grow your Instagram followers

No-one just lucks into a higher Instagram growth by just mindlessly posting everyday even if the posts are high quality.

Follow the above-mentioned steps consistently to grow your Instagram followers.

Plan it amazingly first and know that no growth is linear without any messiness.

Be okay with growing in a chaotic manner because that’s the only way you grow.

Have fun with the algorithm and with creating, am sure you’ll reach wonders.