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50 Unique Instagram Captions For Guys- Captagram

These Instagram captions for guys would help your page to stand out in a million other similar accounts.

We know that Instagram is not really a photo sharing platform anymore. People are making millions off of it by sharing content in various forms.

Why do you need unique and catchy Instagram captions?

Instagram captions for guys
Unique Instagram Captions- Aureolls

So every person on Instagram, whether they are an influencer or have an online business knows the importance of captions, likes, comments etc.

It’s like an Instagram currency. The better your ‘insta currency’ is, the better and more present your account will be. If you have an amazing picture but the caption is totally out of context and not appealing at all, your super amazing picture would turn out to be useless.

You don’t want that right? So in order to have a better engagement, more followers and hence better business, you need to have a strong and unique profile.

Shopify released an article on Instagram captions where they note,

“A strong visual on Instagram can make users ‘slow their scroll’ and stay locked on your post, but a carefully thought out caption can do a lot more heavy lifting in terms of marketing and sales.”

One thing I would say to make sure your caption is good enough if not the best is, stay relevant. I see people posting such beautiful pictures with a caption totally out of context. Please don’t do that! It literally ruins your whole page.

All these captions have been picked from CAPTAGRAM– our web page on the same website. Here’s a link to it. Here you just have to enter the topic you are looking captions for and there you go! You have amazing captions without having the trouble to go through fifty different blogs.

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Unique Instagram captions for guys

1. Hanging with my gull-friends by the ocean.

2. Off guard but one point.

3. Proud to be a male feminist.

4. This guy is on fire!

5. Thriving and vibing.

6. I bring so much heat I’m low-key Prince Zuko.

Captions for your gym selfies/ fitness

7. Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.

8. Dear fat: Prepare to die! Sincerely, me.

9. Stop stopping yourself!

10. I’m working on myself for myself, by myself.

11. Banging weights and slamming plates.

12. Seize the day at the gym.

13. Say squeeze!

14. Sweating like a sinner at church.

15. The body achieves what the mind believes.

16. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

17. Hustle for that muscle.

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Motivational Instagram captions for guys

18. I’m not stopping until I’m proud of myself.

19. Sore today, strong tomorrow.

20. A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.

21. I know what I want and I’m gonna get it.

22. Dream it. Believe it. Build it.

23. Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage.

24. You are what you do; not what you say you’ll do.

25. Everything You need is already inside you; Get Started.

26. Quitter Never Win and Winners will never Quit.

27. I can. I will. End of story.

28. The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

Bold Instagram captions

29. The best revenge is massive success. –Frank Sinatra

30. I had to let go of us to show myself what I could do.

31. Sunglasses and advil, last night was mad real. -K.West

32. Four’o clock and we ain’t going home, ’cause I still got mo’ money.

33. Made your whole year in a week.

34. Give me the beat boys and free my soul. – Uncle Kracker, Drift Away

35. Caught a vibe.

36. You’re a shooting star I see, a vision of ecstasy.

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Captions for wanderlusts

37. Less worries, more sunshine.

38. Sun days and heat waves.

39. Reminiscing.

40. Dreams are made of sun and sand.

41. Sky above earth below, peach within.

42. Sometimes you just need to change your altitude.

43. Vitamin sea ya later!

44. Dear mountains… sometimes all I think about is you…

Instagram captions for foodie guys

45. I have such a mushroom in your heart!

46. If food were free; why work?

47. You eat to live… I live to eat! We are not the same.

48. I only eat in three places … here; anywhere and everywhere.

49. Fashion is like a food, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.

50. The closest I’ve been to a diet this year is erasing food searches from my browser history.

Which one is your favorite?