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40+ New Year Captions From Captagram: Unique & witty

2022 has officially begun and we cannot stop searching for some cool and funny new year captions.

But isn’t it frustrating to visit each page on google and go through hundreds of captions just to end up with nothing!

There is an easier and fun way to find all kinds of Captions now. It’s called Captagram.

Captagram is an Android app and a webpage on this very site too. Since not everyone carries an Android, this webpage can be used by everyone with an internet.

Captagram is basically a search engine for captions. You just go to the site and type in anything you want caption for. No need to go through tens of pages. All the captions on one page particularly of the topic you are looking for. So time consuming and less exhausting right!

For Website, click here.

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Below are some of the New year captions from Captagram that you might find cool and witty.

New Year Captions

1. Cheers to the new year.

2. Out with the old, in with the new.

3. New year. New dreams. New chances.

4. New Year’s Eve is the only time I have a bubbly personality.

5. Page one of 365!

6. I’m just here for the champagne.

7. In 2022, I want to be as Insta famous as an egg and as ageless as Paul Rudd.

8. This is just the beginning.

9. There’s no such thing as too much sparkle.

10. See you next year!

11. New Year, new beginning.

12. All dressed up with a whole year to go!

13. Dress for the year you want.

14. I’m still the same person I was last year, just hungover.

15. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

16. New Year, New me.

Also we have something interesting here. I don’t know about you but I love Polaroids. And what’s even more amazing are Polaroids with captions written below them.

New year captions
New year captions- Aureolls
New year captions
New year captions- Aureolls
New year captions- Aureolls
New year captions- Aureolls

17. I don’t know how I’m going to enter new year, but I promise it won’t be boring.

18. This is just the beginning.

19. Watch out 2022, because here I come.

20. Thank U, Next – Me to 2021.

21. What’s coming is better than what’s going.

22. Hoping 2022 to be kinder and better!

23. “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

24. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

25. Happy New Year! May the coming year be full of grand adventures and opportunities.

26. Cheers to making pour decisions tonight!

27. It’s a nice reminder of what I did all year.

28. May all your sorrows get left behind and this new year be the start for everything you wished for. A very Happy New year 2022.

29. A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.

30. Happy new year! 2022 is the beginning of a new chapter. This is your year. Make it happen.

31. Sometimes all we need is a fresh start.

32.  New year, new eats.

33. Taking applications for my New Year’s kiss.

34. Time to put your party pants on.

35. My new year’s resolution is 1080 pixels.

36. This year, my resolution is to be more optimistic, so my glass will remain half-full (with either rum, vodka or whiskey).

37. 74. New Year, New Feels, New Chances, Same Dreams, Fresh Starts.

38. Every year you make a resolution to change yourself. This year, make a resolution to be yourself.

39. All that glitters is…probably part of my outfit.

40. Pop, fizz, clink!

There are many more captions on our app and website. So jump over there to find out more amazing captions, new year and otherwise. Which one is your favorite?