Making Content Creation Easier For Your Lazy Days

Content Creation huh! Wish we had someone to do it for us right? Creating content for our social media or websites can be really daunting sometimes, especially when we can’t find the time for it in our busy schedules. But that mostly happens because we do it at the last minute, almost always. We just don’t do anything for a whole week and then on the last minute we exhaust ourselves and publish a mediocre post.

What if I told you by this way, content creation would be way easier and of so much better quality. It’s for those lazy days where it just gets super difficult to produce high quality content but it’s actually really smart.

Publishing content at last minute with several cups of coffee gulped down your throat and tired eyes, only result in tons of errors. So let’s find out how to make content creation easier and lazier.

Introducing to you – ‘4 Days Of Content Creation’

I know you must be thinking I hardly have one day, how am I going to take out 4 days for one piece of content. But you will. It’s way easier than it sounds right now.

We are going to distribute that content into several milestones so that it doesn’t get exhausting. When we get used to this type of content creation, it becomes a habit and results in high quality content causing barely any exhaustion.

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Day 1: The Backbone

On day 1, we’ll just focus on creating a structure for our content.

1. Pick a topic: What do you want your content to be about?

2. Headlining: Come up with 5 creative and catchy headlines. Choose the one which seems irresistible.

3. Sub-head it– Write sub headings under which you’ll like to cover your topic. Make those relatable to content and little catchier too. Studies have found that more than 70% people only read the sub headings of your content. So make sure to make them readable and relatable.

Now you have a backbone for your content. Since you have the topic and a basic outline of your content, it’ll give you time to think about how to fill in it.

Day 2: Day of Research

In order to know what you are writing about, you’ll have to research. Some people like to write through their experiences while some research it and then go for content creation.

Research thoroughly but do put a time limit over it otherwise you’ll end up spending all your time in that. Devote a few hours and write all the most important areas you want to cover in your post.

Reading on Q/A sites about what people are asking about your topic will help you cover your content in a more useful way.

The main battle is over. Now you just have to draft all the necessary information together.

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Day 3: Draft Day

Bring in all the enthusiasm, energy and creativity. It’s your draft day when all the things will be put together.

1. Write introduction: Here, you really have to bring in all the creativity you have. The first sentence should be such that it makes your content irresistible to read.

2. Fill in the sub headings: The sub heads that we created on Day 1, it’s time to fill up those. Since you’ve done your research, it’ll be much easier to write the main content.

3. Conclude it: Give a brief summary in the end of your content, main points that your readers learned about.

4. Call to action: Now comes the time for your audience to take action like leave a comment, order an ebook or share your content.

You don’t need to have a perfect first draft. Create it as soon as possible no matter how messy it is.

Day 4: Prepare to Publish

1. Editing: Before publishing, you have to edit and refine your content. Correct all the grammatical errors or structure the sentences which seems odd to read.

2. Readability: Check if your content is easily readable and is going smoothly.

3. Image it up: We remember more if we read something with images. Give your content several nice images to engage your readers.

4. Publish: Your post is ready now. Easy to read and really clean. It’s time to hit the publish button.

And just like that, you have a high quality post that didn’t exhaust you at all because you completed it in steps rather than taking everything at once. Now comes the marketing part. Promote and share your content to platforms where it’s needed.

So what do you think about this method of content creation? Tell us in the comments below. Have a good day 🙂