How To Improve Customer’s Experience & Increase Sales

Better the customer’s experience, better the sales and of course, better you. The overall growth and success of your business depends on how happy it’s making the customers.

A business with bad reviews isn’t going to be as successful as you want it to be. Now I’m not saying even one bad review means your business is bad. But if majority are leaning towards bad, then you’ve got yourself a problem.

We want to build a business which is everyone’s first choice. Achieving that kind of quality is not easy at all but it only depends on how devoted you are to make it better. Let’s see how can we build a customer loving business.

1. Don’t Criticize or Condemn

Usually some business owners, in order to show their products as superior, criticize their competition. If you are focussing more on criticizing someone else’s work and not promoting yours, you are putting all the focus on their work. Your customers are going to look at their business to see if it’s as bad as you are saying it, thus driving away your potential sales. Instead of putting all the energy in condemning someone’s Business, put all of it on yours.

It’s a saying from the world renowned book, The Secret,

The more energy you put to something, the more of it you’ll get back.

Hence, put only positive thoughts and vibrations into the universe in order to receive the same.

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2. Remember their names

Customer's Experience

Remembering people’s names when you meet them is pretty difficult. In a business,you casually meet a lot of people so it’s challenging, but if you can train yourself to remember people’s names, it makes them feel special and important. Carnegie writes, “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” But this small thing will really ameliorate the customer’s experience.

3. Be generous with praise

The greatest asset that you can possess, and the way to develop the best that is in a person is by appreciation and encouragement. For example,a customer comes to you and you greet them kindly and with a little praise like ‘wow ma’am, aging must agree with you. And here’s our product which will turn out to be like a cherry on the cake for you radiant skin.’ A little appreciation from your side can help you make a customer so loyal and devoted to your business, you’d be surprised to know. And by appreciation, I don’t mean flattery but rather genuine praise. There’s a huge difference between the two. Know the difference and practice to be generous with praises.

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4. Arouse an eager want

Customer's Experience

This is one of the most powerful psychological tool you can use. If you can arouse an eager want in your customer for your product, you have the world to yourself. You have to prove that your product is the only one that can meet your client’s needs and expectations. You’ll have to enlist all the advantages your product is offering and how easy it can make their lives.

5. Be genuinely interested

Remembering a person’s name, asking them questions that encourage them to talk about themselves so you discover their interests and passions are what make people believe you like them, so they in turn like you. Truly understand what your customer needs and then showcase your product keeping in mind what their needs are. Remember, you are building a business which revolves around customer’s needs and not yours.

Start including these principles in your business and gradually see people engaging in your products more and more each day. You’ll improve your customer’s experience and your sales in no time.