How to find your Passion?

Passion is something that you enjoy doing and you are good at. By being good at it means you must be one of the best in that activity, be it writing, sports, programming etc.

It’s not only you, many people strive to find their passion. What we’re doing wrong, that we’re trying so hard to find our passionWe shouldn’t need to struggle to find our passion. It should come naturally to us. After all, everyone has some genius in it. 


Things we need to contemplate,

  • Passion is something, that you’re good at. You wouldn’t follow a line of work, that you’re awful at.
  • You relish pursuing your passion. You begin revering your work, when you achieve success.

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It’s not that easy

Great, so we just have to find something that we’re good at. But, the problem goes back to our school days. The education system is not built in such a way that helps you study what you’re good at. But you have to study only available 5 subjects to excel. And diversifying educational curriculum would make the situation worse for students. Because most of the students are average at most subjects and more subjects would mean more workload. Moreover, rote learning slay the creativity in youAnd you never get the time from weekly tests to explore or pursue your other interests. Even if you pushed the limits, and pursued some sort of sports or activity, most of all end up being a, ‘Jack of all trades, and master at none.’ And there’s already not much scope in the fields apart from Medicines and Engineering, from where I belong. So, to earn our bread, we all end up as doctors and engineers, like the herd. And then we spend our life cursing our jobs.

So, until we make the fields like acting, sports, singing, art, writing etc, more accessible and fruitful for the average Joe, our schools would keep functioning like a goddamn factory, mass producing robots.