Olympic Winners India and what can we learn from them? PART 2

Olympic Winners India really made this year a confidence booster for the nation.

With the highest Indian tally of medals in the Olympic games till now, India is really seeing the future with a ray of positivity.

Sports as a career option is becoming more and more relevant and credible in Indian households.

If you would have wanted to become a sportsperson some 10-20 years back, people would have really taken your choice for granted.

But today thanks to these champions and their champion predecessors, sports is being considered a real service that you do for the society, country and for your individual growth.

I have written about 1 or 2 lessons each that I learnt from each champion, I know there are a 100 more that one can learn from each of their journeys but I wrote about the ones that connected the most with my 20yr old self-employed self.

This is the part 2 of the blog, Read the part 1 here.


Olympic Winners India

He is an Indian freelance wrestler who won a bronze in the Tokyo Olympics in Wrestling in the 57kg category. 2 times he has been the Asian champion and a bronze medalist from the 2019 World Wrestling Championships and now made his place among the Olympic Winners India.

The first lesson I learnt from RaviKumar Dahiya is not just from him but also his father and this lesson is mostly for the parents reading this blog. His father is an equal participant in the Olympic glory the winner attained after Tokyo Olympics.

The father – Rakesh Dahiya is a small farmer from Nahri Village who wanted his son to be a wrestler and conditioned him in the ways of a wrestler since his childhood.

He got his child in the Chhatrasal stadium in Delhi to be trained by coach Satpal Singh which was 39km far from their village. He would travel around 39km everyday from their village to the stadium to deliver fresh milk and fruits to his child which was part of the winner’s wrestling diet for over a decade.

His father’s constant sacrifice and hardwork was a huge source of motivation for RaviKumar Dahiya.

So for the parents reading this blog – if you want to make your child able, fit, strong, focused and purposeful then you will have to be those things yourself first.

Children grow up seeing their parents and adapt their habits and patterns accordingly, just ordering them to “be” or “do” something will never ever work and they WILL get against you because that is how human psyche works – this is legit Parenting 101.

Another lesson I learnt from Ravikumar Dahiya is the strength in a positive source of motivation. His village, Nahri, does not have 24×7 electricity or proper roads.

‘This medal will change the fate of the Village’ is what the winner’s family has to say behind the purpose of their boy’s dream.

The whole village is not just celebrating the national glory Ravikumar Dahiya brought with the medal or seeing their relative win such an honor but they are also celebrating the development he brought for the village with the medal.


Olympic Winners India

She is an Indian boxer who won the bronze medal in boxing in her Olympic Debut.

She belongs to the remote Bara Mukhiya village in Assam’s Golghat district.

She teaches us that sometimes to follow your dreams and fulfill your higher purpose you have to take a break from even your worldly duties.

I know we’ve talked about Sacrifice before, but those are usually the sacrifices based on comforts. Giving up on things that give you unhealthy pleasure.

But this is the sacrifice of another kind – a sacrifice of your responsibilities towards your family and not being there for them to follow your higher purpose and for the bigger scheme of things.

To zip one’s heart towards their loved ones for sometime in order to fulfill a larger service is really truly inspiring.

For 8 long years, she had to stay away from her family and from any connection with them and she had to not be there for them when they needed her to stay focused on her goal and practice to her achieve her dream.

Her story of strong will, focus and such sacrifice inspires the privileged and the unprivileged equally.


Olympic Winners India

He is a freestyle wrestler who won a bronze in the Tokyo Olympics in wrestling in the 65kg category. He is the only Indian wrestler who has won 3 medals at the world wrestling championships.

The Love and Passion he has for his sport is what inspires me the most.

If you can relate to his emotion towards wrestling and you too feel that way towards anything in your life then congratulations you have found your true purpose.

His father and brother are ardent practitioners of the sport, so the winner had had a genetic privilege in the sport and the adoration he had for it.

He even woke up at 2am to go practice kushti in the akhada, he used sneak out of the house secretly but his mother knew what he was upto and didn’t stop him and let him follow his love and passion.

He missed school and regular education as his spirit called for his game than conventional studies and now we all can see the fruits his choices, practice and passion bore not just for him but the whole nation.

These were the 7 lessons that I learnt from Olympic Winners India. A part 1 with the lessons I learnt from the rest 4 of the champions is up on our website, you can check it out here?