5 Ways To Give An Unforgettable Experience With Your Customer Service

If all your customers are having a bad experience with your customer service, you really need to look into it asap. You cannot have a flourishing business if your customers are having the worst experience. Your business growth depends primarily on the experience you’re giving to your clients through your customer service.

It doesn’t matter if you have a big corporation or a small business, your aim is to have a loyal base of customers who are satisfied with your customer service.

You can have hundreds of customers, all complaining about your business and posting bad reviews or you can have a handful of happy customers. What would you choose?

Of course the latter one. And you know why you’d choose the latter one, because those handful happy customers are going to recommend your business to their friends and family. This is how your business will actually grow. This is how you yourself will feel happy and fulfilled with your business.

In earlier times, people didn’t have many options. There weren’t many products of a single type unlike now. With so much ease and flexibility in advertising, competition is serious.

Now, customers make their purchasing decisions after they have compared your brand to atleast ten other brands. They are shown ads everywhere, from television to social media to radio. Literally everywhere.

I know a lot of time and money goes into advertisements. But if your business is reaching a large number of people through ads, now it’s your responsibility to give a good experience with your customer so that they’ll keep returning.

Once you establish such a business with happy delighted customers, just know that your business will grow massively. As soon as your business develops a reputation that it keeps it’s customers happy, every single person would want to buy from you despite how much competition you have. So let’s see how to give unforgettable experience to our customers.

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How to improve experience with your customer service?

1. Give them something ‘extra’

I cannot emphasize on the fact that everyone in this world wants something extra. Be it be an employee at small cafe or a bigshot. It doesn’t always have to be a product. Just give them something from your end. Something they didn’t even ask you. Something that shows that your company really cares about your customers’ needs.

Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that don’t focus on customers.

It could be answering something they didn’t ask for but you know it’ll benefit them. Or it could be a little gift or coupon from your side for some of those loyal customers.

The point is to make them feel heard and seen, to tell them that your company actually cares.

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2. Train your customer facing team to deal with upset customers

Only if every business’s customer support team looked this happy

You are bound to have a few upset customers every now and then. You just need to prepare a wonderful team who are able to deal with the problems of these customers peacefully.

Invest in hiring a team which has such good communication skills that even the customers who are speaking at the top of their voices feel heard and satisfied at the end of the conversation.

Employees should receive training on a customer recovery program like these ones. Marriott’s service recovery mnemonic spells LEARN (Listen, Empathize, Apologize, React, Notify); Starbucks’ memorably spells LATTE (Listen, Acknowledge, Thank, Take Action, Explain).

When it comes to sales and customer’s experience, having an understanding of human behavior is really important. This is my favourite go to book whenever I feel the need to understand our customers and influence them why they need our business.

Psychology plays a very important role in influencing customer’s purchasing decisions. There are are several ways how you can influence customers and increase sales.

3. Build a ‘YES’ company

There are many companies where the answer to any question is by default yes. These are mostly corporations which are solely focused on customers. They know that they have to do everything what their customer wants to gain their trust.

I know sometimes it’s just not possible at all times. But if your company is saying No a lot, you might need to reconsider.

Acquiring a new customer costs 7 times more than maintaining an existing one. 

Imagine fulfilling every need of your customers and leaving your competitors wondering what magic potion you have.

That potion is a secret of a powerful and successful business. So implement it right now.

4. Focus on feedbacks

Experience with customer service
Get your feedbacks forms ready

It’s really really important to take all your customers’ feedbacks. Both good and the bad ones. The good ones will give you motivation that you are in the right direction and the bad ones will teach you the ways to improve experience with your customer service.

After delivering any product or service, take a feedback of what they like and what they don’t. And make sure you bring those changes if they’ve been constantly asked by a handsome number of customers.

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5. Build a customer centric culture

Every product you design and every service you deliver should be based on your customers needs. Remember your business is first for your customers and then for you.

Having a positive customer experience increases customer loyalty manifolds and drives repeat customers.

Research by Deloitte and Touche found that customer-centric companies were 60% more profitable compared to companies that were not focused on the customer.

Analyse the customer analytics like the reviews they leave and comments they make on your social media platforms. And then try to look into the problem areas.


Giving an unforgettable experience with your customer service isn’t impossible. It just needs efforts and time. But once you achieve a positive customer experience, your business will be the best thing that happened to you and your customers of course!