5 Tips for your next job interview – You’ll surely ACE it!

Are you preparing for your next job interview? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Believe it or Not, there are ample jobs around us, with new startups cropping up every day. There are today a ton of free apps that will help you connect with such big and small companies that have job vacancies. 

With job search come job interviews, Let’s keep the traditional notions about interviews aside and stay up to date with what happens in interviews today. 

Here are the 5 Tips that are up to date with today’s scenario and will surely help you ACE your next job interview –


The first thing, even before your CV, an interviewer notices how professional you are. 

No, we are not talking about speaking business jargon (Avoid Business Jargon) – Being professional means the way you talk, the kind of words you use, how diplomatically you answer the questions asked. These things. 

A candidate came to our firm for her interview – we liked her CV & her skills were kinda average too – but during the interview process she literally was so negative that we rejected her right then & there. 

She was so stuck up with her opinion, not even trying to listen to what we had to say – cutting our lines several times. And used the word “chik-chik” like legit 10 times. 

Don’t ever do that. Don’t use words with negative connotations. That is diplomatic conversation 101.

Instead of saying “The people there were so annoying, so much chik chik, I hated that” —
Try putting it softly like – “The environment at my last firm was not a good fit for me, it did not enrich me or my skills.”

Now, the same point was made but more professionally. Saying it was “bad” is different and saying it was “not good” is different. Prefer the “not + positive point” formula, it always works. 

So, to summarise – Use positive words, Talk in the language you are comfortable in, Be respectful, Listen then talk, negate a person’s point humbly & properly, put your point confidently, talk diplomatically. 

Be professional. 


Carry your portfolio and a hard copy of your resume too. 

Portfolio means best samples of your past & current work, This will show the interviewer that A) You are a serious candidate who is prepared for any situation B) Most of the interviewers do not take a look at your CV or your work, so it’s best to keep it in hand and show them the proud work during the interview process. 

Here is a guide on how to write a good CV.


It is utterly, totally & absolutely okay to be having nervous jitters before an interview.

Instead of telling your mind not to feel it, tell that beautiful thing that it’s okay to feel it and it’s okay if it shows. 

No interviewer minds such normal jitters. If it hinders your capability to think or to answer a question correctly then maybe communicate the same to the interviewer. 

Just be yourself, and when someone says “be yourself” that means do not consciously precisely control all your actions and thoughts – just be free. Your personality becomes more charming with that inch of vulnerability. 

Try practising affirmations for that job interview and consciously releasing happy hormones before leaving for the interview. It will straighten up your thoughts to be in the positive direction. 


An entrepreneur just wants to know if you can do the work that they want done to escalate their company. They do not care about anything else.

You’ve learnt from YouTube? Great!
You’ve gone to the greatest university in the world? Great!

The main question is – Do you have the skills that are at par with what the firm is looking for? 

If the answer to that question is a 100% Yes, then your university, your degree, your career changes, your marks, your background, schooling – nothing – nothing matters.

Having a project based proof will get you the interviews and the job.

Focus on experience and skills – that’ll get you the job – not that degree or the marks or whatever.


When you enter a room, Close the gate behind you.
No, it will not be the deciding factor in you getting the job BUT it just affirms your place in the company and mends authority’s views about you.
And you know that – that is a deciding factor in you getting the job and promoting in it.  

Basic manners like being polite, closing the gate behind you when you walk in, having a well dressed frame, wearing your hair in a sober fashion – these things frame a person’s views about you. 

And if you have a polite manner of dealing, it’ll help you gain edge against a person that has your skills but not your vibe. 

So, make sure to put forward your most well-mannered foot. 


We really wish for you to get that job you’ve always dreamt of or that job you need, These pointers will definitely help you ace that job interview.