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10 Ways To Keep Calm Even Under Extreme Pressure

Having anxiety when you’re under stress is pretty normal but usually we fail to keep our calm and don’t know how to deal with such situations. We end up taking all our anger and stress on our loved ones. Think about all the times when stress and anxiety was the reason of a fight in your family.

Stress is something inevitable. Every human being from a homeless person to the richest person of the planet go through this at some point of time in their lives.

It’s true that every person isn’t the same. Everyone has a different way of dealing with pressure and stress. Some take it out on others, some take it out on themselves and some, probably less than 1%, do these things to manage the situation.

Let’s see how we can keep our calm in the most difficult situations.

1. Deep Breaths

This is the number one technique of keeping calm and relieving anxiety.

  • Lie down. And if you can’t lie down, sit straight.
  • Put one hand on your chest and other on stomach.
  • Take a deep breath, feeling your stomach move outward.
  • Breathe out slowly. Press lightly on your stomach.
  • Repeat atleast 5 times or whenever you feel your anxiety fading away.

2. Change your focus

If you’re focussing too much or obsessing over a situation for too long, you’re obviously gonna end up with stress and anxiety. If something is bothering you way too much, then shift your focus from that.

Sometimes in order to find a solution to one problem, we end up creating multiple other problems. If something like this is happening in your life, move on to some other thing. Quite possibly you’ll end up finding a solution to your problem when you won’t be obsessing over it.

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3. Exercise

It’s scientifically proven that exercising or doing some physical activity helps you release endorphins i.e. feel good hormones. More the endorphins, less anxious and stressful you’ll feel.

4. Listen to music

Many people are indulging in music therapy these days. They believe music helps them to keep calm in ways no other thing can. So if you’re into listening to music, give this a try.

Close your eyes and listen to your favorite music. You’ll be surprised by how stress-free it’s making you.

5. Disconnect

Sometimes just disconnecting from everything, people, social media, just everything, relieves your anxiety and stress. It’s like that much needed detox of your mind. So switch off your phone and clear your mind from everything.

6. Make a journal

When you’re writing your negative thoughts down, you’re kind of getting them out of your brain. All those negative thoughts that are restraining you from keeping your calm will be washed off with those words.

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7. Stop assuming the worst

This mostly happens with over thinkers like myself. We always assume the worst. Maybe it’s like a self defense technique that we are preparing ourselves for the worst situations.

But it’s not right. You can’t always think ‘what if’. Those what ifs would never let you take any step in life. And you never know what step might change your life, for good. So stop assuming the worst and take the leap.

8. Thorough thinking

Think thoroughly that if this matter is important enough to be putting all my energy in. Would this matter to me after 2 years? Ask yourself the importance of the situation and how much of your attention it deserves.

9. Treat yourself

Treat yourself to your favorite snack or even a relaxing massage. When you eat something you love, your brain is most likely to release endorphins.

Having a good massage always destress you and break those tough knots in your shoulders.

10. Sleep on it

This is my mantra. Whenever something is troubling me way too much, I just take a nap. It calms my mind and helps me relax and think in a straight direction.

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The decisions that you make with a calm mind would never go wrong. On the other hand, whenever you do something under stress, you’re most likely to worsen the situation. So whenever you feel like world is ending and your anxiety is off the roof, practice these techniques. You’d feel much relaxed and calm.

Things that help me destress:

To keep calm

What do you do to keep calm?