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What is one harsh truth that pushes people to work hard?

“You become irrelevant if you don’t improvise.”

This is true in every aspect of life whether it’s career, relationship, mental and physical health, family etc. And this is also one of the greatest fear that keeps people going. If you are not useful to someone, he/she will not be much enthusiastic to be with you. So we have to improvise ourselves with the time. We always crave for something that we don’t have and we get restless until we find it. If we don’t have it ourselves, we start looking for it in the outside world. Let’s talk about it in various aspects of life:

Business & Career

It’s an untold truth of any industry be it software industry, automobiles, movie industry or even politics: If you can’t connect with the current necessities of your users or audience, people will abandon you. The greatest example of it is,

Failure of Nokia


Nokia ruled the phone market for the longest time. They were the world’s largest cellphone makers in 1998. Nokia overtook Motorola when no one even expected. Even better, Nokia enjoyed a good 40% share of the market.
They failed because they refused to play by the market rules. The brand was too late to step up the smartphone game. In 2002, Nokia launched its Symbian 60 series which did well until 2008. Apple and Android took over quickly. Symbian OS was lax in many areas. It did not have enough applications and Nokia failed at improving its UI. And then, Nokia made the biggest blunder— trusting Windows. On 2 September 2013, Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile device business in a deal worth €3.79 billion.

What did we learn?
Never overestimate your strength. There will always be someone new, ready to replace you.
They failed because they refused to improvise.


Everyone wants a partner who is good looking or intelligent or prosperous. We also expect them to be honest, trustworthy and faithful. Relationships are not always between the equals. Sometimes there is a settler and a reacher in a relationship. And when you’re the reacher, it becomes more hard for you to sustain the relationship.
Modern day partners expect love, money, mental support, intercourse and what not, from their significant others. Rising divorce cases is a great example of this symbiotic relationship.
People get tired of their partner and want someone new. It’s again because of our rising aspirations and desires. So for a healthy relationship, both partners have to stay relevant to each other.

Mental and Physical health

Health and fitness

Physical Fitness

There’s no two way about it that if you don’t exercise regularly, you’ll again become unfit. You lose 20 pounds, dieting and working out daily for 2 hours in 2 months. Rest for 1 month and eat all the junk food, you’ll soon gain back those 20 pounds which you lost in 2 months. So, you have to be regular in your efforts to meet your health goals.

Mental Fitness

Anatomically, your brain isn’t a muscle; although it contains a bit of muscle, it’s predominantly gray and white matter. However, there’s good reason why many people compare the brain to muscle – in both cases, the “Use it or lose it” principle applies. Evidence suggests mental stimulation improves brain function and reduces the risk of cognitive decline and related diseases. Mental stimulation or “exercise” helps the brain grow stronger, faster and better able to complete the millions of daily tasks.
So if you don’t challenge yourself mentally and physically regularly with new harder challenges and improvise yourself, you’ll lose your relevance.
This originally comes from the Darwin’s theory of evolution:
“Survival of the fittest.” 
And it is very well applicable in the animal kingdom and human world, even today.

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