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10 Self improvement tips to make your life worth living

If you’re on the path of self improvement or have even thought about it, you’ve already fought half the battle. Making a decision is also a big commitment. The fact that you want to improve yourself tells you how self aware you are and having this kind of self awareness isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

1. Meditation

It’ll almost always be on the top of list of tips for self improvement. Meditation is an art. To be able to not think about anything and just focus on your surroundings is a big big achievement. Meditation helps you to cope up with stress and anxiety and reduces negative emotions.

2. Healthy diet

Till now you must have the understood the importance of a healthy diet. A healthy diet means a healthy life and who doesn’t want that. Many people skip breakfast which is the most important meal of your day. Every single meal is crucial for your health but go easy on the dinner. Having a light dinner will not only help you sleep better but also aid in digestion.

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3. Quit bad habits

Quitting a bad habit is a very difficult task but not impossible. If you aren’t able to quit yourself, ask a loved one for help. They’ll make sure that you don’t get tempted to resume it especially under stressful situations. One tip for quitting bad habits that have been found useful for many is taking your mind off of it and keeping yourself busy.

4. Read daily

Successful billionaires are always telling how reading daily has helped them reach where they are. A thing learned is a thing earned. Every thing that you learn today is going to help you in your future. So make a habit of reading a few pages daily.

5. Judge less

Judging someone is so easy as long as we aren’t the ones getting judged. You don’t know what’s going in anyone’s life. Everyone’s fighting their own battles. So judge less, help more. And remember, kindness is the key.

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6. Focus on the positive

Focussing on the positive picture doesn’t mean going in denial. Acceptance is very important. But finding good in every situation will make your life easy. Being cynical will only cause you stress. So try to find a positive outlook in every situation.

7. Learn a new skill

Learning something new will give you confidence and obviously will help you in self improvement. No skill or work should be considered less. You don’t know what skill might help you in future. It could be anything, cooking or sewing or fixing bulbs. So get up and go learn!

8. Believe in yourself

If you won’t believe in yourself then how do you expect your loved ones to. Believing in yourself is necessary for self improvement. Make a routine of saying this to yourself every morning that no matter what happens, you’ll always believe in yourself.

9. Acknowledge your flaws

If you can acknowledge your flaws, you are highly self aware. Knowing that you aren’t good at something will make you good at it in no time. You have accepted and acknowledged your flaws and now you’ll rectify them.

10. Question your purpose

Ask yourself what your purpose is. Once you become aware of your purpose in life, you have reached the highest level of self awareness and self improvement. For some it could be helping others and for some it could mean making world a better place to live in. It could be anything. But once you know it, start working towards it.

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