You need a good marketing strategy plan, not luck

Ask any successful business owner what made them successful. Most of them would go on about the effectiveness of a marketing strategy plan. And if you’d ask them what if it’s their luck, they’d probably throw something at you!

A successful business isn’t made only through good luck or just being present at the right moment. Those things play a small role. It’s not like that if you think your luck has never been with you you cannot be successful. Yes it does play some role but it doesn’t define your path.

Success comes to those who work for it.

Your marketing strategy plan decides the growth of your business. Don’t let the factors that can’t be controlled control your success. Be in control of your own future. Either you can go on and cry about things you have no control of or you can get up and make the necessary change.

Today we’ll discuss about some marketing tips that every business owner needs in his/her business. Let’s see how to develop some good marketing strategies.

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The 4 Ps of Marketing Mix

Marketing strategy plan and skills
Marketing skills you need

1. Product and customer needs

The product isn’t what you’re making or processing, the product is you yourself. In your business, you don’t just sell the service or the material you’re manufacturing, you sell yourself.

The customer needs are the needs of your customers you want to meet with your product for your success. But the problem is customer’s needs aren’t static. They keep on changing. What do you do now? How are you supposed to keep up with the ever changing needs of the customers?

That’s what marketing research process and development helps us with. Whenever you feel there’s a need for change, develop your product accordingly. It’s never too late for developing and shaping your product as per the needs of your consumer.

When a 3 year old who has never walked can learn to walk, then why can’t you, a full fledged human being develop your product as your consumer wants it to be!

2. Costs and prices

So how many of you want to be a rockstar? Probably many. Who doesn’t love fame and fortune, thousands of people cheering for you and jumping up and down with happiness just because they got to see you. You know what makes a rockstar a rockstar. His/her ability to give everything to achieve that one dream. The ability to not be a part of a rat race and take risks.

Take those risks!

Where you and I crib about our boring corporate jobs but get happy just for a moment by seeing our paycheck, those rockstars are improving and developing themselves with each day to become a better version of themselves. So next time you see a successful person, ask yourself what are his costs. And will you be able to pay those costs in order to become that successful. That success didn’t come for free. Nothing in the world comes for free.

That kind of patience and preserverance is not in everyone. But if you have it, don’t give up on your dreams. If thinking about the obstacles and difficulties you know you’ll have in your path excites you, then you’ve gotta follow this path my friend!

Talking about business, if you’re in a new market, you can have higher prices for your product. But if you’re already in a saturated market, the competition is high. So here, you might have to go for cheaper prices.

3. Promotion and communication

Now you have a product to meet your customer needs and you have costs and prices. Next thing you need is to let people know about it. When there are thousands of other products available to your potential buyers, why should they choose you?

Here comes AIDA. AIDA stands for

  • A- Attention
  • I- Interest
  • D-Desire
  • A- Action
Good Marketing strategy

Believe me, if you have a hold of all these 4 things, person lingering around your product would definitely become your customer.

Firstly you have to grab your customer’s attention. This could be anything. For example, if you have a store you might grab their attention with some flashy clothes or a welcome drink or something.

Now you need to create an interest by presenting them with the attributes you thought they would want in the product. And because you had already thought about those attributes, that would create a desire in your customer thereby driving them to action to buy your product.

Always remember, it’s not always the best product that gets sold the most. It’s the best promoted product that gets sold the most.

3. Place and convenience

You can have all the above things and still fail. Business is a tricky deal, you have to play all the cards right. If people don’t know where to buy you, your product is just simply of no use.

Making your product easily available is also an art and a really important marketing strategy plan. You might be doing all the right things but selling your product to the wrong people. And this would make your business unhealthy eventually.

If you want to meet your marketing goals, you don’t want your product to be present where your competition is. You want to create a different market for your product.

Where do you think your marketing strategy will work, where the product availability is 80% and customers only 20% or where it’s the opposite. Obviously the latter one.

Don’t go running behind your competitors. You don’t want to become a chaser, you want to become a winner. Sometimes the place which is the most obvious place to meet your customers is not the place where they need you the most.


We blame everything on luck because we don’t want to take responsibility for our own actions. Everyone wants quick results, effortless results. But this is a dead end. We don’t go to the root of our problems and tackle what’s making our business or even our lives a burden. We just take that pill of luck and sleep on it.

So next time if you feel you need to change your life or your business, don’t blame it on luck. Get up and do something about it!

What do you think you need to change about your marketing strategy plan? Tell us in the comments section below.

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