Football vs Cricket: A better moneymaker?

Both Football and Cricket are massively popular around the world. But have you ever wondered which of these sports is better when it comes to money? Come on let’s see which one wins today!

In which countries football is most popular game?

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Football, also known as soccer in some countries, is a popular sport around the world. However, there are some countries where it is particularly popular. Here are some of the countries where football is the most popular game:

  • Brazil: Brazil is known as the home of football, and it is the most popular sport in the country. The Brazilian national team has won the FIFA World Cup a record five times.
  • Germany: Football is hugely popular in Germany, with the German national team winning four World Cups. The country has one of the strongest and most competitive domestic leagues in the world, the Bundesliga.
  • Spain: Football is the national sport in Spain, and the country has produced some of the greatest football players of all time, including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Diego Maradona. The Spanish national team has won three major international tournaments, including the FIFA World Cup in 2010.
  • England: Football is the most popular sport in England, and the country is home to the world’s oldest football league, the English Football League (EFL). The English Premier League is also one of the most watched and competitive football leagues in the world.
  • Argentina: Football is the most popular sport in Argentina, and the country has produced some of the greatest football players of all time, including Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, and Alfredo Di Stefano. The Argentinian national team has won the FIFA World Cup twice.

Other countries where football is popular include Italy, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Uruguay.

Where is cricket the most popular sport?

Cricket is a popular sport in many countries, particularly in South Asia, Australia, England, and the Caribbean. Here are some of the countries where cricket is the most popular sport:

  • India: Cricket is by far the most popular sport in India, with millions of people playing and following the game. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most lucrative and watched cricket leagues in the world.
  • Pakistan: Cricket is also hugely popular in Pakistan, with the country having produced some of the greatest cricketers of all time, including Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, and Javed Miandad.
  • Australia: Cricket is the most popular sport in Australia during the summer months, and the country has a long and proud cricketing history. The Australian cricket team is one of the most successful in history, having won the ICC Cricket World Cup five times.
  • England: Cricket is often referred to as the national sport of England, and the country is home to the world’s oldest cricketing rivalry, the Ashes, which is played between England and Australia.
  • West Indies: Cricket is the most popular sport in the Caribbean, and the West Indies cricket team has won the ICC Cricket World Cup twice. The region has also produced some of the most exciting and flamboyant cricketers of all time, including Viv Richards, Brian Lara, and Chris Gayle.

Other countries where cricket is popular include South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe.

Which makes more money: Football or Cricket?

Football and cricket are two of the most popular sports in the world, but they generate different levels of revenue due to various factors such as popularity, global reach, media coverage, sponsorship deals, and broadcasting rights. Here’s a brief comparison of the revenue generated by football and cricket over the years.


According to the Deloitte Football Money League 2021, the total revenue generated by the top 20 football clubs in the world was €8.2 billion in the 2019/2020 season, which was a decrease of €1.1 billion from the previous year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The UEFA Champions League, which is one of the most prestigious club football competitions in the world, generated €3.25 billion in revenue in the 2019/2020 season. The FIFA World Cup is the most-watched and lucrative football tournament, and it generated over $6 billion in revenue for FIFA during the 2018 edition in Russia.
Published by Statista Research Department, Jan 26, 2023

In the 2021/22 season, Manchester City had the highest revenue out of any soccer club worldwide, generating around 731 million euros. Real Madrid placed second, with a total revenue of 713.8 million euros.

Highest revenue-generating clubs

TeamBrand value
Manchester United$5.95 billion (£4.8 billion)
Liverpool$4.71 billion (£3.8 billion)
Manchester City$4.43 billion (£3.57 billion)
Arsenal$3.6 billion (£2.91 billion)
Chelsea$3.47 billion (£2.8 billion)
Tottenham Hotspur$3.19 billion (£2.57 billion)
West Ham United$665 million (£535 million)
Everton$600 million (£485 million)
Leicester City$545 million (£440 million)
Newcastle United$440 million (£355 million)
Leeds United$380 million (£305 million)
Aston Villa$370 million (£295 million)
Crystal Palace$335 million (£270 million)
Wolverhampton Wanderers$295 million (£235 million)
Southampton$275 million (£220 million)
Fulham$260 million (£210 million)
Brighton & Hove Albion$235 million (£190 million)
Brentford$200 million (£160 million)
Nottingham Forest$160 million (£130 million)
Bournemouth$145 million (£115 million)


1. BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India)
BCCI is the richest cricket board in the world. In terms of sponsorship, TV rights, and other revenue sources, India’s governing body is at the top. BCCI net worth is estimated at $2.25 billion. In 2021, BCCI banked a total revenue of $467 million through sponsorships, TV broadcast deals and IPL revenue.

TeamBrand value
Mumbai Indians₹9,962 crore (US $1.2 billion)
Chennai Super Kings₹8,811 crore (US $1.1 billion)
Kolkata Knight Riders₹8,428 crore (US $1.1 billion)
Lucknow Super Giants₹8,236 crore (US $1.0 billion)
Delhi Capitals₹7,930 crore (US $993.1 million)
Royal Challengers Bangalore₹7,853 crore (US $983.5 million)
Rajasthan Royals₹7,662 crore (US $959.5 million)
Sunrisers Hyderabad₹7,432 crore (US $930.7 million)
Punjab Kings₹7,087 crore (US $887.5 million)
Gujarat Titans₹6,512 crore (US $815.5 million)

2. Cricket Australia
With an annual revenue of $356 million and net worth of $70 million, they come second in the list. Known for their aggressive gameplay, Australia has performed exceptionally well throughout the cricket history.

3. ECB
England Cricket Board comes at number 3 in the list of richest cricket boards. The net worth of ECB crossed $59 million. While the revenue generated by the board in 2021 is $293 million.

Revenue generated by top Football and Cricketing leagues

Here’s the list of top revenue generating Football and Cricketing international leagues, along with the revenue generated as per the latest available data.

SportTop revenue-generating league/tournamentRevenue (latest available data)
FootballUEFA Champions League$3.4 billion (2021)
FootballEnglish Premier League (EPL)$7.0 billion (2021)
FootballDeloitte Football Money League$9.5 billion (2021)
FootballFIFA World Cup$7.5 billion (2022)
CricketICC T20 World Cup$55 million (2021)
CricketICC Cricket World Cup$239 million (2019)
CricketIndian Premier League (IPL)$596 million (2021)

Football is a clear winner here. Both the games are certainly entertaining but when it comes to money, football is way ahead of cricket.