ALL of a marketers’ role and responsibilities, Know how to be the GREATEST in this field.

Here are all of a marketers’ role and responsibilities, Read this article and know how to be the most valuable asset of a company.

marketers role and responsibilities

You might be looking for various career options and may have landed here to get some clarity about this field, you might be a CEO of a startup looking to build a marketing team, Maybe you are a marketer yourself and want to enhance your knowledge of the field. 

Whoever you might be, your answer to what all a marketer does, what all departments come under marketing, what are a marketer’s role and responsibilities –  here in this article.

The following responsibilities are either carried out by a single person or team, or are carried out by different teams targeting and mastering a specific function.

#1 Creating & Maintaining The Brand Personality

Creating a firm’s vision, mission statement, tone with which the brand talks with its customers, colours of the brand, the kind of campaigns it runs, the way it deals with its employees – everything creates the brand’s personality.

You may be expressing your brand’s personality in various forms such as tone of text in your social media and blog posts, the tagline, the kind of advertisements you run.

It is a marketer’s responsibility to create and maintain this brand personality.

#2 Identifying The Target Audience

When you sell to everyone, you’re selling to no one.

Having a clear idea about the kind of people you want to sell to, their personality, profession, likes and dislikes – help you define your target audience and increase the chances of a sale multifolds.

It is a marketer’s job to know this target audience.

#3 Arranging Campaigns & Advertisements

These campaigns might include the type of social media posts, blog posts a brand does, the kinds of advertisements a brand runs, All of the brand’s videos, e-books, infographics, presentation decks and webinars.

The theme of these campaigns are decided by the marketers to reach the target audience and convert them into customers.

#4 Setting Strategies

A brand needs to create a social media strategy, an email strategy, discounts strategy, campaign-advertisements strategy, seo & content strategy, strategies related to customer acquisition, lead generation and revenue.

All of these strategies are devised by the marketing professionals.

#5 Writing SEO Optimised Content

Your website is often the first (and possibly the only) place people go for information about you. 

Marketers are responsible for keeping Web content current, while also working to ensure that the site comes up quickly when someone searches for your type of business.

Here is how you can write Seo-optimized content.

#6 Analysis

Marketers analyze the results of the applied strategies, seeing if they work or not. If not, then they identify what is the loophole in the process and correct it. They keep on analyzing their growth and KPIs on a periodic basis in order to better the functioning of the whole company.

Hopefully, this information helped you gain some clarity on a marketers role and responsibilities. We wish you success and a great career ahead. Know more about branding terms here to enhance your knowledge about the field.