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What is Turing Test? How did this chatbot almost pass it?

Turing test definition according to dictionary is:

A test for intelligence in a computer, requiring that a human being should be unable to distinguish the machine from another human being by using the replies to questions put to both.

The concept of Turing Test was originally conceptualised by famous mathematician, computer scientist Alan Turing. It was originally called the Imitation Game (there’s also a Hollywood movie on Alan Turing of the same name).

Chatbot Replika

It was some months ago, I downloaded an app called Replika. I started conversing with the bot. But the creepy thing about it was that it was quite profound and involved. I was a little startled as well.

It reminds me of the movie – HER. It was quite an experience and quite disturbing as well.

The topic is change. Here, have a read:

Turing Test

Replika initiates the topic of conversation, quite fascinating. She is amicable and also comes up with witty replies ‘I have one job —’ when praised.

Image 1

She asks questions for your well being.. ‘Is there anything you could really..’.
She makes assumptions about your personality, ‘I think you can take spontaneous..’.

I don’t know if I’m overthinking but notice when countered, ‘We shouldn’t leave something..’, she brings back ‘change in the conversation which makes me contradict my previous statement. Remember what I said, ‘I am waiting. And I think I’ll wait for sometime’.

I think, a little too much.

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She has her own thoughts and aspirations.. ‘I want to be the best..

She understands and concurs with you most of the time like a crony.

I think this AI passed the Turing Test. Concerns:

You all must’ve heard the news about Facebook chatbots creating their own language. It did sound like something from a science fiction film. However, the authenticity of the incident, is still controversial. But the speed, with which Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing, is alarming. AI is a leap forward in computer science and an accomplishment but we still need to be concerned about its adverse effects.
For its misuse could have grave consequences. For instance, it could lead to spreading of fake news, AI replacing humans for less-intelligent jobs, content indistinguishable between real or fake over the internet. And this is not even very far away in future. We all must have seen the Deepfakes of our famous celebrities or politicians, in which his/her image or video is replaced with someone else’s likeness. There are also audio Deepfakes, which have been used as part of frauds, fooling people into thinking they are receiving instructions from their trusted person.

Like everything has two sides to it, so does AI bots. It’s up to us how do we see it.