What is Quora Partner Program (QPP)? How to make money from it?

Quora is a Q&A website founded by former Facebook employees Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever in June 2009. Quora website became operational in June, 2010. Based in Mountain view, California, USA, Quora had 300 million users a month in 2020. It had a revenue of $20 million in 2018.

Over the years, Quora has become an organised version of Yahoo answers. Many common search queries on Google has now top results from Quora.

Quora Partner Program (QPP)

QPP was introduced by Quora to increase the engagement on the platform. In this program, Quora decided to share the ad revenue with its users for writing question on its platform. The money one is paid is based on the traffic you generate for Quora.

However, it is an invite only program. And there are no fixed or definite rules or facts, as to who are invited to this program. I was invited to this program in January, 2019. So, let me share my experience with you..

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My experience with QPP

I think Quora Partner Program (QPP) is a good motivation for the writers to write good content on Quora. It’s natural for the writers to feel dispirited when they don’t get the appreciation for their work. Because writing good questions and answers requires time and effort.

This program is similar to YouTube’s model of ad revenue. Just like the Youtubers get paid in proportion to their Video views, Quora also pays you in proportion to the Views Ad Impressions (external & internal) that your question gets. Now it’s natural that more interesting questions will get more views. So it seems fair.

Quora Partner Program
Highest earnings on QPP

Now the money one can make through this program is relative. I have seen many Top Writers earning a dollar or two after writing for a month while someone whose question got viral, getting 500–1000 USD for just one question. The key is still though writing more and more questions. The more you write, more are the chances of your question getting viral.

And like everything has it has its own pros & cons, Quora Partner Program also has some adverse effects. It is making people write repetitive and nonsensical questions. Good writers have become more concerned about writing questions than answers. I think Quora will update the policies of this program to promote good content on Quora. Let’s hope for the best.

As far as my earnings are considered, I didn’t earn much like the person above. I’ve a modest earning from it. After writing about 4,000 question, I’ve earned about $837..


In 2021, I think QPP didn’t work well for Quora. We could realise this from the fact that there’s a sudden decrease in the earnings for the people on this program. Because people on QPP are rewriting common and popular questions in a different way, just to attract more answers.
Down sides of QPP are also evident from the fact that Quora has now introduced a new revenue sharing program in August‘21 – Quora+ and Space subscription (Space is like group on Facebook)

More about this new program in another post.