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What are the Android 12 new features?

As we all know, Google always name Android new versions like Kitkat, Marshmello, Oreo etc. But this year it just got to numbers ie 12. Android 12 brings a big change in visuals, design and animations. Android 12 new features include big redesign, privacy, new Material You inspired UI.

Top 5 Android 12 new features

At Google I/O 2021, the company confirmed that the design of Android 12 would be its biggest visual overhaul in years. This year’s android is next iteration of its design language, known as Material You. The idea of Material You is that the users themselves should influence the design.

New Big Toggles

‘Biggish’ seems primarily the theme of new Material You. Quick setting panel is completely redesigned. Instead of old round icons, now you have big rectangular icons. Quick setting panel is aesthetically very different, now we have huge toggles separated from notifications, huge brightness slider and huge volume slider. I don’t know about others, but I personally embrace the new icons.

Although, they work as before – no change in functionality.

New Widgets

Though many people don’t use many widgets. But newly designed widgets are a welcome change. This new clock looks pretty good on the home screen.

Better Wi-fi sharing

android 12 new features

Previously, in Android 11, you could create a QR code to share your Wi-fi with someone. However, in Android 12, you can just hit the “Nearby” button to transmit the Wi-Fi credentials to whomever you like. While scanning the QR code was handy, this new feature allows you to share the connection info with multiple people without handing your phone to everyone. That’s definitely easier.

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Privacy & Security

android 12 featuers

This year at at I/O, Google announced new privacy features. Now the user has more control over – what information they share with what apps.

Android 12 features a new Privacy Dashboard that gives users a detailed view of which apps access their information. Dashboard will show you a summary of how many apps accessed your location, camera, and microphone in the past 24 hours.

Apart from that, there’re new indicators at the top (green dots) to tell you that your camera and microphone are being accessed by an app. This is somewhat similar to what you’ve seen on iOS.

New Emojis

Who doesn’t like emojis? Tell us in comments, which emojis are your favourite.

Android 12 new features will include over 389 updates to Emoji designs.

Most of the new emoji changes are subtle ones. The syringe no longer has a blood-red liquid (presumably to encourage vaccination). Others are more aesthetic like — fun-loving snowman. And strangely the new “mobile phone” emoji that previously resembled an Android phone now looks like…, an iPhone.

When will your smartphone get Android 12?

Google announced that they would roll out the Android 12 beta version for their Pixel users soon. This means that we are going to experience the Android 12 really soon. However, other smartphone brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, Asus, etc., are getting ready to roll out an OS update based on Android 12. Oneplus is also going to plunge into the market. Yes, recently, in the Oneplus community forum, developers have confirmed that they’ve started working on OxygenOS 12 update based on Android 12.

Google’s Tensor chip

It’s been long that we’ve been hearing rumours about Google developing its own chipset known by codename – Whitechapel. Google has partnered with Samsung to develop an in-house chipset to rival A14 Bionic and Snapdragon 888 in the market. The first-ever Google-designed chipset is called Whitechapel (codenamed GS101) and will launch with the Pixel 6 series this fall. So, Android 12 with Whitechapel might be giving a tough competition to flagship makers – Apple and Samsung in the near future.

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