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Unique Bucket list items: 21 things to add to your bucket list in 2022

Today is going to be a really fun post of unique bucket list items that almost everyone would want to do.

Everyone has a bucket list, things they would like to do before they die. But are you really following through with it? This is your sign to dust off that bucket list of yours and start checking off the items one by one.

Life is short, might as well live it right!? And there is no such thing as that you have to complete these activities before a certain age, just keep them in the mix of life whenever it starts to get boring and stuck.

1. Explore a cave

Do you know how fun it is to explore a cave alone or with your friends? So go and google the closest cave to you and get ready for an adventure!

2. Rapple down a waterfall

This one is for the strong hearted people out there who don’t fear anyone. Descending through a slippery slope of rocks is very very adventurous and might I add, come with an ultimate adrenaline rush.

3. Live/study/work abroad

This might sound a cliche but it is seriously inspiring. The kind of growth you have when you are outside your comfort zone and working/studying in a place where no one knows you, it is unimaginable.

You would be surprised by your own potential. And the best part is, if you don’t like spending time there, you can always come back to your home town.

“It’s a big world out there. It would be a shame not to experience it.

J.D. Andrews

4. Swim in an ocean

If you are an avid swimmer, seriously go for it. If you are not, then you really need to learn to swim.

Nothing like swimming in an ocean under a clear blue sky. Only thinking about it is making me relaxed.

Bucket list items- Aureolls

5. Fly in a hot air balloon

This is literally once in a lifetime experience. It is so calming and surreal, your life would not be the same.

If you get a chance to fly in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey, that would be the best.

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6. Indoor skydiving

Obviously this cannot be compared with the real outdoor skydiving but it is an amazing experience in itself.

It is basically for people like me who are scared of heights. Plus it’s not that expensive and a whole lot of fun.

7. Make a snowman

This one is so obvious that people end up not doing it only. Even if you are not that great at art, you would be really proud of your snowman.

8. Run through a field of daisies

Bucket list items- Aureolls

Girls, can you imagine wearing a white sundress with a hat and running through a field of daisies. It will be the one of most beautiful moments you ever capture.

9. Sleep in a stable

You might have seen this in the movies but it definitely can be a fun experience especially when you are with your soulmate and it’s raining outside. Oh so romantic!

10. Attend a high school reunion

Even if it’s not yours, high school reunions are a cool mixture of awkward, fun and drama. Make sure you attend at least one!

11. Speak in public

This might be difficult for some people and with everything digitalized, it’s even more difficult for young generation. But it will break your inhibitions and give you more confidence. So do not wait and try this growth oriented activity right now.

12. Walk on a black sand beach

Bucket list items
Bucket list items- Aureolls

Walking on a black sand beach calms your nerves in a way that not even ecstasy can. There are many black sand beaches in the world. Make sure you cut this one off your bucket list items.

13. Dance with a stranger

You probably have done it and if not, do it! You never know how people can surprise you.

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14. Meet your favorite blogger in person

Don’t tell me you don’t want to meet that one person whose words inspire you and motivate you to achieve greater things. Even if they are busy, it wouldn’t hurt to reach out.

15. Sing a karaoke duet

So easy and so fun! It is double the fun if that song is both of your favorite. Here you have an idea for your next date.

16. Take pictures of eating your favorite dish

Bucket list items
Bucket list items- Aureolls

It might sound absurd right now but believe me, when you’ll look at those pictures, you would see how that dish lights up your face. It will remind you of the good things in the world.

17. Attend a black tie gala

If it’s not possible, then make your own black tie gala. Invite your friends and feel like an actor. Throw in a red carpet too to make it more exciting!

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18. Be an extra in a movie

This way you will always have people to tell that you were once an actor! Jokes apart, it’s really fun. And if you are a movie fanatic, then you have to do this.

19. Go to a paint party

This can be so much fun, even if you don’t love to paint. You don’t know how amazing it can be to spray paint the walls with your friends. But obviously not your neighbor’s wall. That would get you into trouble.

20. Join a flash mob

This is even for people who are not that good at dancing but love to dance. The steps are fairly easy and you get to dance with a lot of people. Just so many happy faces!

21. Be blond for a day

Bucket list items- Aureolls

Going blond may not be your thing but come on, it’s a bucket list. Just try it for a day see how people react. Let’s see if you can rock it or not. Who knows you might end up keeping it!

If you have other unique bucket list ideas, feel free to share with us!