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Try this Caption Generator- Captagram- to get *10 times more engagement on Instagram

You will agree with me that a caption generator whether it be a website or an app will make our lives way easier right?!

So every person on Instagram, whether they are an influencer or have an online business knows the importance of captions, likes, comments etc.

It’s like an Instagram currency. The better your ‘insta currency’ is, the better and more present your account will be. If you have an amazing picture but the caption is totally out of context and not appealing at all, your super amazing picture would turn out to be useless.

You don’t want that right? So in order to have a better engagement, more followers and hence better business, you need to have a strong and unique profile.

Shopify released an article on Instagram captions where they note,

“A strong visual on Instagram can make users ‘slow their scroll’ and stay locked on your post, but a carefully thought out caption can do a lot more heavy lifting in terms of marketing and sales.”

Even if you have 100k+ followers, it wouldn’t hurt to get more! Your pictures must be super amazing but are your captions too?

What is Captagram (Caption Generator)

Captagram is a tool and an app that generates captions for you so that you don’t have to go around looking for one perfect caption from a thousand blogs.

Captagram allows you to find amazing captions from more than 400 categories of captions; each category including more than a thousand captions. Everything absolutely free of cost.

One thing that you cannot find in any other app is the ability to find relevant captions according to your pictures.

You just have to upload your favorite picture and there you have it. So many relevant captions to choose from without any hassle! Below are the images how to go about it.

And if you don’t have an Android phone, you still can generate captions from the web version, described at the end of the article.

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How to use Captagram (Caption generator)

Click on that plus icon over top Right hand corner
This is the screen you will get next
After selecting a picture, you will have a screen showing related captions

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For searching captions from over +400 categories

As I said, you will find almost every topic or category you are looking captions for. With a pleasing UI, the captions are really easy to read. You can:

  • Search captions/quotes as per your need
  • Copy captions
  • Share captions with your friends and family
  • Save your favorite captions within the App
Caption generator
Tap SEARCH(2nd icon on the bottom of your screen)
Caption generator
For example: You search friends, you get captions for friends

Here is a link to the App. Check it out.

Captagram- The web version in case you don’t have an Android phone

I know some of you would not be having an Android phone. So we also have a web version where the search feature is available. Just go to this webpage on our website, you will get a window like the one shown below.

Caption generator
Type in the category you are finding captions for
And just like that, hundreds of awesome captions your way. For free

Here’s a link to the website.

The app also has a feature for making aesthetic Polaroids which look so classy and chic. Check this out to see how the polaroids actually look.

Who has the time to go through so many google blogs to find a caption anymore!

Just Captagram it 🙂