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Top 5 Inspiring Movies (Netflix) That You Should Really Watch

These inspiring movies (Netflix) won’t only just provide you with a great dose of entertainment but they will also let you in on some life-changing lessons.

The key to be happy, successful and fulfilled is to gain knowledge. And learning how to apply that knowledge.

The most conventional way to gather knowledge is considered books, Now I am not disagreeing with this, the knowledge in those books have been collected and produced by world class geniuses.

But movies or for that matter series have a way to present this knowledge in reality in such a way that it might have a larger impact on people than the books.

If you were a 70yr old person who read that ‘age is just a number’ in a book, you might understand it but you might not be able to fully believe in it – you might have residual doubts;

But when you watch “The Intern” and you see Mr. Ben Whittaker – a 70yr old person searching for a job, making friendships, having relationships, being confident and cool and live his life fully; Then I think you fully believe in a concept because you now understand it completely as you saw it being applied “in real life”.

Having a learner’s mindset will allow you to gain knowledge from even the most trivial places.

Why is it that most of the happy people around the world keep on giving examples such as “Have you ever seen a tree and how it……” or maybe “Do you know why wind blows……” – the point is they keep learning and taking lessons from everything.

Even when they’d be watching a movie or a series they would learn from the character’s mistakes and would learn from the character’s accomplishments.

So before moving ahead and jumping on to one of the below mentioned movies, just tell yourself 3 times – “I have a learner’s mindset” – This will help you get the most out of them.

Anyways, moving on my list of TOP 5 inspiring movies Netflix is given below in absolutely no particular order. They are miscellaneously ordered and hold equal importance for me.

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This is a beautiful animated movie that you will find on almost every list of feel good,

inspiring movies. With an imdb rating of 7.7/10 – it has won hearts of all its viewers.

The plot revolves around a little girl who lives in a grown-up world with her mother, who tries to prepare her for it. Her neighbor, The Aviator, introduces the girl to an extraordinary world where anything is possible, the world of the little prince.

This story is a strong reminder of the phrase “you only live once”, and urges you to start realizing the importance of enjoying every moment of your life, the way you want.


If you’ve never watched a Bollywood movie then this is the place to start. The title translates to “You Only Live Once”

This very refreshing piece of entertainment follows the life of 3 friends who turn their fantasy vacation of going on a road trip to Spain together into reality and each of them comes back with their lives changed in this fun drama.

Importance of adventures, listening to your heart, breaking off a promise when it becomes necessary, value of friends and taking a break are just some of the many many things that you’ll pick from this entertaining movie filled with dance, music and romance.

It also serves as a travel itinerary for Spain. (haha)

With an IMDb rating of a whopping 8.2/10, this movie is one of the highest grossing movies of Bollywood and is not just a classic in India but is also globally acclaimed.

Inspiring movies Netflix

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In every list of inspiring movies on Netflix, one or two featuring Will Smith are bound to come up. And the movie Seven Pounds goes on to prove why. Based on the notion of redemption, a man haunted by a dark secret seeks to absolve himself by radically transforming the lives of seven strangers. In the process, however, he encounters unprecedented circumstances, including a growing love for one of the people on his list, a woman who transforms him instead. This is one of those beautiful films, that make you feel sincerely for the central characters and invest in how their stories unfurl. Undoubtedly one of the most inspirational movies on Netflix India currently available, Seven Pounds is a touching, sad and absolutely heart-warming tale you must witness! 

IMDb rating is 7.6/10!


With an IMDb rating of 7.2/10 – this movie captures the heart of its viewers through the innocence and wisdom of a young boy who attempts to make world a better place when his social science teacher gives him the chance.

It is based on the notion that it is every individual’s responsibility to make this world a better place for everyone to live in.

This movie challenges the widespread notion that the world is harsh and bad and none of us can change it because it has already gotten wrecked.

It reiterates the faith in the right belief that every individual has the power to bring a change, small or big, and when all those efforts accumulate a huge positive transformation in society is witnessed.


This movie is about a 13yr old boy who lived in a village that was undergoing severe drought conditions.

The situation got so bad that famine spread throughout the village. In order to save his community he devises an unconventional and efficient way of eradicating this issue.

This movie lets inspires you to be focussed, determined and most importantly how to face adversities.

IMDb rating is 7.6/10!

So, these were some of my top picks among inspiring movies on Netflix, hopefully you’ll connect with them and they’ll leave a major impact on you and your life.