Story Of A Famous Entrepreneur For A Life Changing Motivation

Who comes to your mind whenever I say, famous entrepreneur? Probably many including Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk to name a few. I find their biographies and stories so inspiring. Infact, these entrepreneurs have given me so much inspiration and motivation that I’m doing what I never thought will do.

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Today we are going to talk about someone who changed the way cell phones were being made. Not only cell phones, but other electronic gadgets too. People consider his products as high-end quality products. And their prices definitely meet their functionality.

Who do you think I’m talking talking about? If you just said Steve Jobs, you’re right. The man is a gem. A person who created a division among the gadgets. On one side there’s his products and all the other products, literally all the other, are on the other side. How does someone do that? How does someone create a product that just revolutionizes the market? And that too at such high costs!!

Apple products aren’t only popular in developed countries, they are equally being purchased in developing countries too. They are considered as quality products. They are like those mean but popular girls in high school and everyone would want to be like them.

What made Steve Jobs what he was? Let’s see how the famous entrepreneur led himself to success.

Story time

Steve jobs biography famous Entrepreneur

Steve Jobs, born on 24 February,1955, was crippled by rejection his whole life.

He was given up for adoption as soon as he was born. His parents were too young to take care of him and also were unwed. The guy had faced rejection starting from his birth. His parents thought they wouldn’t be able to take responsibility of a life and gave him up for adoption immediately to a working class couple, Paul and Clara Jobs.

The couple obviously didn’t know that a miraculous child is coming their home and he’s going to make them so proud and appreciated.

We all know such child prodigies aren’t very social. They are lonely beings playing with their minds. Where normal children are learning alphabets, there they are solving complex math equations.

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The would be famous entrepreneur used to get bullied a lot and spent most of his time alone. Afraid to be a part of social circle, he took up competitive swimming as a sport. He wanted to be in a sport where he wouldn’t have to interact with a lot of people. Where he solely would be responsible for his victory or loss.

Since he had no friends to play after school, him and his father used to took apart the old cars and put them back together. Doing this after a number of times, he developed a keen eye for detail. And that is when Steve Jobs started to become Steve Jobs.

During his early stages only, he developed a trick that helped him made his decisions. It’s a really simple trick but see what it made him today!

Every morning, he used to stand in front of the mirror and ask himself, “If today is the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do?” And if there were several consecutive No’s, he would change what he was doing.

Don’t you think that’s a brilliant technique. If we actually practice this, we would never be stuck at a place where we don’t want to be at. I know it sounds easier than being done, but we’ve gotta start somewhere. So next time you feel unhappy about what you’re doing, don’t do it. It’s your life, do whatever you want to do. Because in your last few breaths, you’re only going to remember that one bold decision you made that changed your life.

He met his fellow outcast Steve Wozniak who, just like him, had an extraordinary mind. One summer Wozniak and Steve shut themselves in a garage and started churning out every possible invention they could think of.

One of their inventions, called “The Blue box” allowed users to make long distance calls for free. But before launching it, they obviously had to test it. So they started placing prank calls to Vatican with fake accents.

Then came “The Cream Soda Computer” named after their favorite drink. And this led to the birth of the very first Apple Machine. The perfectionist that he was, he worked tirelessly and relentlessly to achieve perfection with whatever he created. He didn’t want to leave even an intricate detail.

He insisted that the insides of the computer should be as beautiful as the outside. It took over 3 years to release the first Macintosh Computer.

The perfectionism and innovative skills of the famous entrepreneur intimidated a lot of people and he was made to leave his own company. Can you believe that!? People asked him to leave a home that he created. But obviously that didn’t stop him.

He doubled down his vision and spent 12 years in perfecting his idea. He even sold his furniture to fund the new company.

With Steve gone or more like thrown out, Apple was finding it difficult to compete with Microsoft.

As much he didn’t want to, he grabbed the opportunity. So he went back to the company that once rejected him with new ideas. The company was going bankrupt and he was the only person who could save them from being a massive failure.

The following year, Steve unveiled the iMac. It revolutionized the tech industry and Apple went on to dominate it with every product they released.

Nobody had thought that carrying 1000 songs in your pocket would be possible but iPod made it so.

The iPhone changed and redefined how we surf the web. This made Apple the world’s first trillion dollar company.

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Now you know what makes Steve jobs a famous entrepreneur. We all have it in us, we just need to look at it and never give up on it. It won’t be easy but remember, nothing good comes easy. So stop blaming all the unnecessary things of your life for you not being a huge success because if you really want to be, you’d be.

Famous Entrepreneur biography steve jobs

The people who are crazy enough who thinks they can change the world are the ones who do.

Steve Jobs

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