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Memes About Books All Bookoholics Can Relate To

Memology has been a quite popular thing on social media lately. It’s astonishing how intelligent and creative some people are whether they create memes about books or people or any random stuff.

Some interesting statistics about memes:

  • 55% of 13-35-year-olds send memes every week—and 30% send them every day.
  • 38% follow meme accounts on social media.
  • 74% send memes to make people smile or laugh—and 53% send them to react to something.

This statistics is from 2019 so I am assuming this has grown vastly now.

These hilarious and relatable memes about books will likely keep you away from them for a while!So laugh it out.

1. The moment of understanding

Credit: @tumblr.com

2. The realisation

3. It’s over

4. There’s only two ways how it goes

via BuzzFeed

5. The horror

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6. Oohhh burnnn

7. Suffer in silence

8. Okay I will wait

9. Why though?

10. The signs have always been there

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11. Into the sky

12. Just one more cup of coffee

13. *Only for booklovers

14. Somebody? Anybody?

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15. That’s my only cardio!

16. What did you say!!?

Memes about books

17. Bin it

via imgur

18. I should have it alll

Memes about books
via imgur

19. Books are not for quitters

via Bustle

20. You did not just do that :/

Memes about books

If you loved these memes about books, don’t forget to share with your booklover friends! Everyone deserves a good laugh 🙂

Till then, feel free to share some of your favorite memes about books with us. We would love to feature you in our article.

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