Indian fashion bloggers – the new future?

Indian fashion bloggers and lifestyle influencers just might become the new change makers of the society, changing the face of India and “The Indian”. Read on to see how 😉


How many times has it happened that you’ve heard someone say the following or you must have said it yourself too –

“I wish I was an actress, I could have dolled up everyday and nobody would mind, Aahh I dream!”

Indian fashion bloggers are making this one common dream come true for alot of Indian Divas.

When I say Indian Divas I refer to all of the people from various classes, backgrounds, gender who love to glam up and want to let their empowered feminine side show.

Most of these bloggers on any of the social media platforms aim at making high fashion available to all the people from any background.

They themselves break the societal norms and show how one should only conform to the norms that empowers their individual self and everything that doesn’t go with it can just be thrown into the trash.

It’s quite usual to see the Indian fashion bloggers sport a Saree to just hangout with friends, or midriff floss without giving a care about the conservative people.

So they definitely are making a huge change in the Indian society (however small their reach might be) by making people empowered, confident and beautiful.

Indian fashion bloggers


There are certain kinds of people that I like to call “The Modern Conservatives” – these are the kind of people who LOVEEE to make senseless societal norms and don’t understand the essence of modernity.

Some common statements (in context of this blog) used by these kind of people are –

“Bro! What is she wearing – a Kurti? That’s so aunty types!”

“No yaaa wth! Am not gonna wear a saree, so embarrassing, I am a modern person – I’ll only wear western clothes”

And am sure you know atleast one person who can relate with the sentiment in the above mentioned statements.

The Indian fashion bloggers break the stereotypes of these modern conservatives too, they believe in cultural assertion and the importance of diversity.

You can usually see them casually wearing ethnic indian outfits to very chill outings and not just on “special occasions”.

Not just Indian Culture, they bring a taste of their own regional culture into their fashion.

Making culture-specific elegance look like high-end couture is a very classic characteristic of these blogs which is so beautiful you know!


With Content Creation as a new type of business, it is quite obvious that all industries get a regular boost economically too.

Checkout our article on how Content Creators are the new entrepreneurs – HERE.

Fashion Stylists and Designers now are starting off their fashion career not from a ramp BUT from social media.

You can checkout Instagram and Facebook for SUCH CREATIVE DESIGNERS that aren’t even expensive and are making revolutionary contribution to fashion.

For your next big occasion, you don’t even have to worry about spending alot on high-end brands or buying the outfit from fast fashion brands that everyone already has.

You can just look up the designers and stylists on Instagram who’ll cater to your needs by providing you unique & beautiful clothes at very rational prices.

Stylists, Models, Designers – ALL are becoming fashion bloggers and boosting their careers.

A blogger with even 2-3k followers collaborates with high-end brands and becomes their face.

Indian fashion bloggers

Is Fashion really that important a mission?

Fashion has the ability to change and shape lives through its personal connection to us all. We all have to wear clothes and every piece of clothing we buy represents a personal choice – it is this intrinsically human relationship between us and our fashion that makes it political.

The Fashion industry valued at a whopping $3 trillion not only matters economically but also has the utmost cultural and individualistic purpose.

A person’s culture and individual self is portrayed through fashion.

When you type New York on google, you get real time view of the city and its people and god does it looks gorgeous!

A normal street looks so aesthetic just because you see people in all their vibrant colors, personalities and wholesome beauty of diversity.

So Yes!! Fashion is a VERY important mission, it is not just enriching for a person or a city or a culture but for the whole country and it’s global image.

How much of a country’s global image is affected by the emotional, physical, economical, skill related quality of human resource present in it needs not be argued.

And How much of a difference does fashion make in making us feel like ourselves and feel our most confident selves needs not be argued either.

So seeing this and much more of importance of fashion for an individual, culture and a country – we can say that the Indian Fashion Bloggers and the service they’re doing for the society is ICONIC and will be remembered for the ages to come.