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How to schedule your day with atomic habits and become successful in no time?

Read the whole blog and find out how to schedule your day with atomic habits and become successful in no time.

What if I tell you that you can perfectly predict your future just right now sitting in front of your phone or laptop screen?

Most probably you’ll say – that is impossible. No-one knows the future.

But see you can actually predict your future – hear me out;

Just answer the following 10 questions –

  1. How do you talk to yourself the whole day?
  2. What are your conscious thoughts generally?
  3. At what time do you sleep and how much do u sleep?
  4. When do you wake up?
  5. What do you do the whole day?
  6. How much time do you spend with your family and friends?
  7. How much time do you give to your hobbies or in recreational activities?
  8. What is your diet like? How much water do you drink?
  9. How much do you work-out?
  10. Who is your idol?

You can easily predict most aspects of your future just by answering these simple questions. Let me remind you that you can not predict anyone else’s future like this because you don’t have access to their most intimate thoughts and feelings.

But for your own self you can know your future in no time. 

If you’ve been saying positive things to yourself, then you will become those things in the future because you’re processing your brain to work that way.

A person who tells themself that – “I love fitness” or “I take care of my health” – is more likely to work-out (even though working out isn’t a part of their schedule right now) and gain the benefits of exercising daily and eventually will become their more idolistic healthy self.

If you’ve been sleeping late at night or sleeping for less than 6 hours then soon your energy levels will start to deplete and you will become this angry person who is either not productive or has to really drink a lot of coffee to get through the day. This will lead to absolute depletion of your overall health. Maybe not today but tomorrow.

A person who makes time for their family and friends will obviously have better relationships in the future and will never end up alone becoming a positive person who radiates love and is perfectly capable of receiving love.

A person who takes no action throughout the day and plays video games, even if an external opportunity luckily knocks on their door, they won’t be able to adapt their actions to it automagically and will obviously fail.

Keeping the above-mentioned examples in mind, just notice if you’re headed for success or failure. It could be possible that you could be successful in one arena and maybe headed for failure in another arena.

Now that you’ve held yourself accountable and noticed your current situation, let’s see how we can slowly polish ourselves to have our dream life.

Some important facts to keep in mind before moving ahead –

  1. Whatever your age, Whatever life you’ve built till now – it doesn’t matter. It can change at any point you want it to change.
  2. Know that YOU and YOU ALONE have the steer of your life, now you can steer it towards any direction you want it to but YOU should be the one steering it, not society, not parents, not husband/wife, ONLY YOU.
  3. Don’t get too obsessed with your prediction of your future, it can always change. Your future is in your hands. And your future depends on what you put your energy in in the present. So you want a better future? Then slowly start changing your habits and lifestyle in the present, answer these questions again in 6 months and you’ll find your future changed for the best. But remember to go slowly.
  4. A successful person is not the one who is the best in their career or has a lot of money or something, a successful person is the one who knows what he wants and is making relevant changes to achieve that and so feels fulfilled already.
  5. Every single fulfilled person in the world “made” their dreams come true consciously or non-consciously by aligning every factor so perfectly in their lives that these processes became automatic for them.

After a point you won’t have to train your mind to think positive or to say positive things, After a point actions and productive lifestyle will become so automatic for you that you won’t have to even think about it, After a point you’ll automatically be doing, saying, believing, thinking the right things that grow you.

It will all become non-conscious and effortless. The number of processes our body and brain follows non-consciously is just brilliant – you don’t ask your heart to beat, you don’t ask yourself to feel hungry, you don’t consciously walk one foot after the another. All of it is so automatic.

So, the goal is to make rituals and set habits in a way that they become automatic and effortless. And obviously this means that the dream future is here.

Here are some tips that you can use to develop the perfect schedule or plan that will change your habits and lifestyle today and thereby your future tomorrow.


This might sound a little counter productive but actually sails fast your ship to the desired destination.

Till today you have processed your mind and body to work a certain way, let’s say you’re 35yrs old and have never exercised in your life – now which one of the following do you think is the best strategy for you to become fit?

  1. Kickstart the muscles, hormones, motivation dormant since 35yrs all at once by immediately hopping on to an absolutely opposite diet, exercising for more than an hour daily, and because you’ve been doing so much – expecting the results immediately and therefore absolutely shocking all your bodily and mental systems all at once.
  2. Starting by cleaning one meal for a week and exercising for 5 mins. daily. Then moving on to cleaning 2 meals the next month or week and raising exercise to 10-15 minutes as your body allows. Then slowly, happily and patiently purifying and automating all the processes within a span of 6 months – an year. Basically cutting off those higher levels of unhealthy dopamine and laziness from the roots slowly and absolutely.

Most people apply the first technique and then obviously eventually aren’t able to stick with such impossibility and then feel bad about themselves.

Imagine addicting your body to an imaginary 10th level of dopamine high and then immediately taking it down to 0. How long do you think you can sustain such forced level of hormones.

Imagine not moving your muscle ever and immediately burning it out in an hourlong exercise routine.

That’s how you start hating the process of growth and also get a sprain.

We have always known that the turtle beats the rabbit because it keeps on moving forward, slowly but regularly forward.

But when it comes to applying the strategy in real life, we all become a rabbit by not learning to be patient and having faith in the process.

The destination is not the success – Success is finding happiness and faith in the journey and the day we truly understand that and inculcate that – We are truly successful.

#Go by a planner

Okay so now you know you’ve got to go slow and forward everyday but what if you forget to do that. What if after eating one clean meal for a week you forget to upgrade the process in the wake and hustle of life.

The solution that is the best for making you aware of upgrading your progress is by making a planner for every day.

Let’s take workout as an example, the steps you need to be following for it are –

  1. Take a diary, however rough it might be, just take it and stick to it;
  2. Write today’s date and write down the first VERY EASY step that you need to take and at what time? –  So, the entry would look something like this –

“Just Breathe for 5 minutes in the corner of your room where you have some space to workout using a Youtube video (channel name) at 5pm”

  • Every single day track it down with the date, now when you notice that this practice has become automatic, easy and normal for you – upgrade it to actually exercising for 5 mins.
  • Track that down and like this keep moving forward.

See I know that no one loses weight just by 5 minutes breathing or exercise but as you keep moving forward like this and move from 5 to 10 to 20 to 40 minutes of exercise, you’re preparing your body for that level of fitness instead of immediately shocking it and wrecking the system.

And also you are automating this process of working out because see the biggest hassle is actually showing up, while you’re constantly consciously reprocessing your brain into thinking that You are the person who never misses a workout and so is ultimately fit – You’re also proving it to yourself by showing up daily and building your trust on yourself.

When you “go all at once” on your system, chances are that you WILL skip or forget some habits sometimes and then you lose the trust you have on yourself.

When in reality there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just you were doing it the wrong way.

A bamboo tree grows 90 feet tall within just 6 weeks, but did you know that when you first plant a bamboo seed for the first five years it grows only 6 inches tall and then shoots 90 feet above all at once in 6 weeks. Bamboo has the most extensive root system, it first strengthens the roots for 5 years which helps it shoot so much above “overnight”.

It’s true for any kind of growth and success – you first grow gradually and then all at once.

So, use a planner as mentioned above in order to see your “gradual then all at once” growth right in front of you.

how to schedule your day

#Conclusion –

Right now start by applying these tips and tricks in areas of your life where you can apply them. Keep reading books, gaining knowledge. You got it.

Sending loads of love and light your way.