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How Comic Books Investment Can Make You A Millionaire

You’re probably thinking what a clickbait right? Actually no. Comic books investment can give you solid returns if you smartly choose what comics to invest in. And before you loose interest, let me tell some of the greatest returns that comic book investors got.

Massive investment returns in comic books

  • 1. Action Comics #1 – CGC 9.0 – $3.2 Million
  • 2. Action Comics #1 – CGC 8.5 – $1.5 Million
  • 3. Amazing Fantasy #15 – $1.1 Million
  • 4. Detective Comics #27 – $1,075 Million
  • 5. All-Star Comics #8 – $936,223

So now you know what importance comic books hold. But also we are not saying go and spend your life savings on comic books and you’ll get 10 times returns.

You have to be very smart and critical in your decision making of what comic books are worth your investment.

So consider the points below before purchasing a comic book if investment is your motive.

Comic books investment

Points to consider while investing in comic books

1. Age of the comic books

Just like other classic collectibles, the older the better (mostly). It depends on the other factors too which we will be discussing further. But yes age definitely makes for a crucial factor.

The highest priced comic i.e. Action comics #1 CGC 9.0. released in 1938 and almost eighty years later, it’s priced at $3.2 Million.

This comic features the debut of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s historic Superman.

Anyway getting to the point, the older a comic is, the higher it’s price is. But even from the bronze and copper age, you can make some good fortune.

2. Grade of comic books

Now there are several organizations which grade the comics and obviously that will decide the worth of your comics.

Some of the reputed organizations that grade your comics are Certified Guaranty company( CGC), CBCS, PGX etc.

Among these, CGC is the most prestigious one.


So better the score of your comic book is, greater is the investment.

3. Popularity of the character/ writer

If the writer is quite popular, his work obviously would be worth more. For example, Frank Miller’s writings are loved worldwide and hence their worth increases over time.

Similarly, characters also have a huge role in deciding the worth of the comic books. The highest priced comic book is of Superman. It’s a very subjective attribute you can never know what comic book might become popular in coming times.

Sometimes when a comic book is not popular perse becomes hugely popular when it’s developed into another media. But at the same time, older characters (most of the time) hold more and significance. For example, Superman’s first appearance titled Superman #1 with a sky-high valuation of $5.3 million.

4. Condition of the comic book

This one is obvious. No one would want a badly torn comic book and further more pay a hefty amount for it. So the better the condition of your comic book is, the richer you will be.

Remember it’s a treasure. So cherish it like that.

5. Rarity of the comic book

Also quite obvious. Rare stuff is always more valuable. May not be the best but definitely is valuable. Even if you start collecting now, you never know how much value that collectible can hold after 10 years.

So never ever throw those old gems, they might be of a fortune you would have never imagined.

How to resell your comic books

There are several platforms to sell your comic books but never be in a hurry. Always research the market well and know the worth of your comic before selling it.

Gocollect is a website where you can estimate the market value of your comic books. Some go as high as thousands of dollars.

So do your research before you invest!

Where to resell?

1. eBay

2. Otis

3. Rally

4. Local comic bookstore

5. Heritage auctions


Like every other investment, comic books has it’s risks and benefits. So before just putting all your hard earned money in any comic, research thoroughly. Who knows you might just become a millionaire!