Content Creators for Social Media – Entrepreneurs or Not?

If you found this article then most probably you are yourself a content creators for social media or are researching to see if you should be one. Or maybe you’re just curious about the possibilities of the field. In any case I hope this blog is able to show you the reality of this profession and its relevance in today’s scenario.

Coming back to the question in the title of this blog – I already disclosed my stand on it that yes indeed Content Creators are entrepreneurs but I would like to tell you how I reached the answer and what exactly prompted me to write this blog and basically ask this question in the first place.

Let’s play a little TikTok famous game before proceeding ahead.

Open both your hands and spread your fingers;

Then –

Put a finger down if you know at least one content creator for social media in real life (however small or big an account);

Put a finger down if you have ever used YouTube to learn something;

Put a finger down if you have taken inspiration from an aesthetic picture on Pinterest;

Put a finger down if you follow a lifestyle blogger;

Put a finger down if you ever tried a food place coz you saw a food blogger rant about it;

Put a finger down if you searched something on Google;

Put a finger down if you checked a movie/book/show review online;

Put a finger down if you’ve seen a social media “celebrity” become a millionaire.

Put a finger down if you’ve tried a “DIY” you’ve learnt on social media;

Put a finger down if you’ve learnt daily/business news more from social media than conventional media houses.

I can guarantee you more than 90% of you guys would obviously have more than 5 of your fingers down.

This is the reach of social media today and there is no contradicting that – but still the people who are providing us this “content” – that we rely on sooo much – face much skepticism.

Content Creation as a job still isn’t considered very conventional and gets skeptic looks and mockish comments from the people around us. Although this article isn’t about that but it was very important to put this point across. That Content creation is a budding profession today and is going to become “THE JOB” of the future due to its relevance.

Maybe this explanation washed off any of the skeptic thoughts you might have had in your heads.

Content Creators For Social Media As Entrepreneurs?

Though it’s true that Economists have never had a consistent definition of “entrepreneur” or “entrepreneurship” but still an entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services, and business/or procedures. And what are content creators but these innovators who provide people service in one form or another.

Just twenty years ago, if you needed to get an MBA, you had to save $200,000 or ask your company to pay for it. Now you have bloggers like Pat Flynn (of SmartPassiveIncome) teaching people business and finance through courses ranging from free to $1,000. Or bestselling writers like Seth Godin, who set up their own MBA.

You could say that content creators are just creative entrepreneurs.  Content Creators for social media basically refer to the people who generate “Content” on Social Media for the benefit of their audience and gain profit through it which definitely resonates with the definition of an Entrepreneur.

Some 30-40 years back if a person would have wanted to be an Entrepreneur people would have laughed on his face as it just wasn’t a thing. But today you have colleges teaching you entrepreneurship. MBA as a degree is a very American concept – to see business as something that can be learnt in College – it was something very new and vague in older times but today this particular MBA degree itself is one of the most reputed degrees ever.

Same is with the case with Content Creators for social media, however much relevant is it today – it’s still isn’t considered that solid a thing. But I’ll repeat myself – It is definitely “THE JOB” of the future.

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I am a Content Creator. Too Vague.

I see Content Creation as an umbrella term that constitutes a variety of talents/skills/professions. I feel refering to yourself as a Content Creator is quite vague – What kind of Content Creator are you? 

For example – An employee is an umbrella term, Now that employee could be a peon, an engineer, a teacher, a salesperson – ANYTHING. And now if everyone just starts calling themselves an employee that will be quite vague as you would ask them that – “okay you’re an employee, I get that, But what exactly do you do? What Kind of employee are you?”

So stop using this umbrella term to identify yourself;

If you create art content – call yourself an artist (you don’t have to have your stuff in high-end galleries to call yourself that)

If you teach – call yourself a teacher (who said who teach in schools/colleges are the only teachers)

If you model for brands – call yourself a model (don’t call yourself an “Instagram model” but an actual model coz you are)

So know what kind of Content Creator you are then identify yourself through that lens, it’s more appropriate.

Is Elon Musk hiring you?

Content creators for social media

What have we been taught about getting a job till now? That you Go to school, Top there, Go to college, Top there, Do your masters, Top there – then only you WILL get a high paying job.

What if I tell you that content creation has made it possible for you to work in companies like Tesla or Google even if you haven’t gone to college or university?

That is True.

Companies today don’t even care about the degree you’ve specialized in as long as you have proof of your expertise in the area you’re interested in.

People today learn various courses free of cost from social media and become an expert in them through practice.

They create various independent projects and use those projects to build their resume to get a job in such big companies.

As you can see that content creation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. People learn from content creators to get a job. People create content to help people get a job. People create content to gather audience and then start a successful business with already a set network base. People leave their businesses to create content to help other people create businesses.

All soooo amazinggg, Right?!

Okay so now I lipsync and do nothing – and Voila! Am an entrepreneur. (Slow Claps)

That I guess is the most cynical view of Content Creation. We see people on social media do absolutely nothing and gain millions of followers and earn unbelievable money. Does that make those unbelievably not-talented people worthy of the reputed title of Entrepreneur or Aren’t they jarring the image of actual content creators that create for a purpose?

The answer is – They are still Entrepreneurs and No they aren’t jarring the image of actual content creators as people are supporting them and watching them, giving them their attention. If a person is lip syncing or creating content that requires minimal effort but is doing so for the entertainment of their audience or for some other “purpose” – then they are right and worthy.

I know It’s a little difficult to gulp in as there are actual artists, dancers, singers trying to make it big through social media but don’t get much attention and then there are people putting absolutely no effort but are gaining loads of attention. Then this is the responsibility of the audience i.e. US ALL! If our “following list” does not include really talented people – then we are to blame!

The point is it’s upto us to support people mindfully and we should show our support only if the creator seems committed to their purpose. Your purpose could be entertainment, comic relief, teaching, refining society and what not.

Content creators for social media


Content Creation is for the “creators”, the creative or Logical geniuses who should opt for this option in order to gather an audience – a task that is so unbelievably difficult offline. The “Online” aspect of the job minimises the investment and a lot of the risk factor. It can be equated to entrepreneurship in a sense that it also aims at serving masses providing profit to the provider.

If you want to move towards this field, My suggestion would be to move with a purpose – a specific service that you would be doing for your audience.

A Blog including specific steps that you can take to start off your content creation career is on its way, so stay tuned!!