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13 Childhood Movies From The 90s- 5th is my favorite

As a 90s born person, I would do anything to go back to that time. These childhood movies from the 90s are the ones that most of us have watched and if not, you really need to.
90s were a collection of slambooks, film photos, playing flames and a bunch of movies. Now what I’m about to tell you is going to make feel really old. 90s were 21+ years ago!! (Telling myself age is just a number)
Some of these movies have taught us such good values that we carry with us till today. So get ready to walk down the beautiful memory lane and relive those happy moments.

Every 90s kid favorite childhood movies

Childhood movies from the 90s

1. Toy story (1995)

Obviously it had to be the first. I remember asking my mom to buy me a buzz lightyear. To me it’s the arguably the best Pixar movie have ever seen and that is a very difficult choice to make because we all know how amazing Pixar is.

How the rivalry changes into an amazing friendship, probably my favorite part of the movie.

2. The Parent Trap (1998)

This remake of the 1960 movie has made all of us like our sibling a little more. So if you are having a fight with your sibling right now, watch this movie with them and next thing you know, you are sharing the details of your day with them.

3. Home Alone (1990)

Every Christmas, it’s a rule, I have to watch this movie. And I love this rule that I made for myself. It helps me remind of all the beautiful childhood memories.

How Kevin deals with being alone at home was genius and so much FUN!

4. Stuart little (1999)

I am afraid of mouse and rats but this movie was so cute that it made me want a pet mouse too! Oh and that cute little car he drove around in, god so cute.

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5. Clueless (1995)

Till date Cher is my style icon and the phrase she had, ‘As if’. It’s really embarrassing to confess how much I used that word in my childhood because if Cher was doing it then it WAS cool, no matter what anyone else said.

Also if you happen to watch this movie again, look how Paul Rudd looks exactly the way he did back then. The man does not age.

6. Matilda (1996)

This movie reminds me of Cinderella. I’m not sure if I like everything about this movie but yeah, it should be included among these childhood movies from the 90s.

A gifted girl dealing with such bad people, it kinda breaks my heart and borders on a scary movie in some scenes.

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7. 10 Things I hate about you (1999)

I could still watch this anytime of the day. I mean who doesn’t like high school movies with a girl with no intention of falling for a ‘popular’ guy but ends up loving him.

Not much of an emotionally expressive person but the poem that Kat reads in front of the whole class had my heart. It’s so nostalgic to see that scene in insta reels now.

8. Jumanji (1995)

The love that Jumanji brought in me towards board games cannot be explained. All of us have secretly hoped that their Jumanji board game turns out to be a real one but alas!

I could not have done what those kids did to save Alan who was trapped in the game. So thrilling.

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9. Hook (1991)

You cannot go wrong with Steven Spielberg and Robin Williams. I feel half of the childhood movies(from the 90s) had Robin Williams in it and I have absolutely no problem with that. He makes the movies so fun to watch.

One of the best adventure fantasy movie I saw while growing up.

10. The Lion King (1994)

If there is someone who hasn’t watched this movie has been devoid of one of the greatest Disney movies of all time.

Simba was my favorite cartoon character till I was a teenager. And I’m sure it must have been the same for all of you.

The scene where Simba returns to reclaim his throne leaves me crying with joy, every time.

11. Beauty and the beast (1991)

I feel I have included a lot of Disney movies here but it was expected right? Disney movies are the childhood movies from the 90s. This movie made us believe it’s not the superficial beauty that matters but what’s inside.

It made us believe in love and that love conquers all. And Belle’s dresses!! That was the start of my love for princess dresses and bell sleeves.

12. The Addams family (1991)

The movie that was responsible for the grunge phase we all had in the 90s. I mean this family made the color black, BLACK.

If you also secretly wished you could be a part of that spooky family, join the club.

Also, the song live in my head rent free.

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13. Hocus pocus (1993)

Kathy, SJP and Bette is the best trio in the world. I said what I said. This is one of the few movies I can watch this movie at anytime and still wouldn’t get bored and plus it has SJP in it.

How can you not love her?