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Apparently you are cool if you know these Gen Z slang: 30 new Gen Z slangs trending in 2022

If you are also someone who can’t understand these gen z slang words, we are here to help you.

Generation Z includes people born in the late nineties like 1996 and above. And like any other generation, they have their own slang. Even if you are a millennial, you don’t want to feel old because you don’t know what smh means.

Believe me this happens. I was at a mall and these teenagers asked the sales woman ( who was in her late 20s),” where can they find some E-girl outfits?” Now that saleswoman had no idea what that means. She asked her colleague but obviously even she didn’t have a clue.

They literally went on the internet, might I add died of embarrassment, and after a whole 20 minutes later, told the teens they don’t have it. It was one of the most awkward moments I had to witness.

But I must say, those teens were not at all like the ones there were in the Y2K era. They were really sweet and a lot patient too.

Anyway, the point is if you want to catch-up with the new generation, these gen Z slangs, trending in 2022, would come handy.

So go get your gen z on!

Cool Gen Z slang phrases to use in 2022

1. Iykyk.

God, I must have seen this slang like 5000 times in the past month. It’s short for ‘if you know, you know’. It usually refers to an inside joke that apparently only specific people can understand.

Ge z slangs

2. Bop.

When a song or album is exceptionally good.

3. TFW.

It stands for ‘That feeling when’.

For example: TFW you realize you have 2 more hours to sleep.

4. Woke.

To being politically aware.

5. Hits different.

When something is just unique or just better.

For example: The smell of a new book hits different.

6. Vibe.

If you don’t know the meaning of this word, sorry but you are OLD.

Instagram has millions of pictures with a ‘vibe’ caption. It means someone’s or something’s energy or mood. Might be one of the most overused gen z slangs.

For example:

Gen z slangs
Christmas Vibes

Get it?

7. Bet.

This gen Z slang term means “yes”. It can be used to confirm something and could be compared to the Millennial term “word”.

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8. Periodt.

Just a way of overemphasizing on the word Period.

For example: You are grounded. Periodt.

9. Drag

Kinda similar to a spoiled sport.

For example: Come on, come to the party and don’t be such a drag.

10. Fam

Fam is a shorter word for family, but not necessarily– it can be used to describe your friends or the way Millennials use “bro”.

11. CEO

Being pro at something.

For example: I’m a CEO of coming late to class.

12. Cancel culture.

Or commonly referred as being ‘cancelled’.

A form of shaming the actions or opinions of a public figure, company, or organization.

13. Stan.

A combination of “stalker” and “fan”. If you stan someone, it means you’re obsessed but not in a creepy way.

For example: I’m a stan for Harry Styles.

14. W.

Like V means victory for millennials. W means win for Gen Z.

15. Ghosting.

It means when someone start ignoring someone or stop replying to their calls/texts.

Aka going AWOL on someone.

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16. Dank.

Something of superior quality.

Gen z slangs
These shoes are dank.

17. Salty.

Gen Z slang to use when someone is feeling jealous.

18. Boujee.

This can be used to describe someone or something who/which is extravagant or fancy.

19. Cap.

Cap means to lie. So when someone says no cap, it means they are being honest.

20. Cheugy.

Something/ Someone not trendy at all.

Just like you were when you had not read this article!

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21. Simp.

Someone who does way too much for the person they have a crush on.

22. Sus.

Short for suspicious; When something is shady.

Short for Not gonna lie.

23. Ngl.

Short for not gonna lie. One of my favourite gen z slangs.

For example: Ngl, Kardashians are entertaining.

24. Smh.

Short for shaking my head.

25. Fr.

Short for ‘for real’.

For example: I’m gonna go the gym tomorrow fr.

26. Extra.

Someone who is out there and enjoys taking things to a new level of flamboyance.

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27. Tbh

Short for To be honest.

28. Ok boomer

It is used when people from older generations post condescending or conservative things about younger generations online.

It’s also used in a humorous or ironic way to dismiss out-of-touch commentary from people of any age group.

29. Bussin’

When something is really really good.

30. E-boy/ E-girl

E-boys and E-girls use the internet to express themselves and are similar to being semi-emo.

So, how many did you know?