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50 Exciting Questions For Family Feud Game To Play At Your Next Rendezvous

Your next family game night is going to be INTERESTING!!
Family Feud is a popular game show that has been adapted into a board game, video game, and mobile app and is all about guessing the most popular answers to survey questions. Two teams, typically consisting of five members each, compete against each other to see who can guess the most popular answers to the survey questions.

The game begins with the host asking a survey question, such as “Name a popular fruit.” The teams then have a limited amount of time to guess the most popular answers to the question, such as “apple,” “banana,” or “orange.” The team that guesses the most popular answers earns points, with the winning team earning the chance to play the final round.

In the final round, the winning team sends one member to face off against the clock. The contestant has to guess as many answers to the survey question as possible within a set amount of time. The more answers they guess correctly, the more points they earn for their team.

Family Feud is a game that is enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a great way to spend time with family and friends, and it is also a great party game. The game encourages teamwork, communication, and creativity, as players have to work together to come up with the most popular answers.

The game is available in various forms, including board game, video game, and mobile app. The board game version includes a game board, survey cards, a buzzer, and a scoreboard. The video game version is available on various gaming consoles, and the mobile app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

Overall, Family Feud is a fun and engaging game that is perfect for parties, family gatherings, and game nights. It is a game that can be played by anyone, regardless of age or skill level, and it is sure to provide hours of entertainment and laughter.

So let’s begin with the easiest and yet not so easy questions for your next family feud game.

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Ultimate questions for family feud game

Name a popular fruit.

Banana (38%)
Apple (16%)
Orange (12%)
Strawberry (9%)
Grapes (8%)

Name a country in Europe.

France (18%)
Italy (15%)
Spain (11%)
England (10%)
Germany (9%)

Name a city in the United States.

New York (21%)
Los Angeles (13%)
Chicago (10%)
Miami (7%)
San Francisco (6%)

Name a type of animal you might find at the zoo.

Elephant (10%)
Lion (9%)
Giraffe (8%)
Monkey (7%)
Tiger (6%)

Name a popular brand of cereal.

Kellogg’s (20%)
General Mills (18%)
Cheerios (13%)
Post (10%)
Quaker Oats (9%)

Name a sport played with a ball.

Basketball (35%)
Soccer (25%)
Football (13%)
Volleyball (7%)
Tennis (6%)

Name a type of transportation.

Car (46%)
Plane (15%)
Train (9%)
Bicycle (7%)
Bus (6%)

Name a popular fast food chain.

McDonald’s (47%)
Burger King (15%)
Wendy’s (9%)
KFC (7%)
Subway (5%)

Name a popular color.

Blue (23%)
Red (16%)
Green (15%)
Yellow (9%)
Purple (7%)

Name a type of flower.

Rose (30%)
Lily (15%)
Daisy (11%)
Sunflower (9%)
Tulip (7%)

Name a popular TV show.

Friends (24%)
Game of Thrones (16%)
The Big Bang Theory (10%)
The Simpsons (9%)
Breaking Bad (7%)

Name a type of cheese.

Cheddar (25%)
Mozzarella (16%)
Swiss (14%)
Parmesan (11%)
Brie (8%)

Name a famous movie monster.

Godzilla (41%)
King Kong (31%)
Dracula (11%)
Frankenstein’s Monster (7%)
The Wolfman (3%)

Name a common household chore.

Cleaning the dishes (31%)
Doing laundry (21%)
Vacuuming (16%)
Sweeping (12%)
Dusting (10%)

Name a popular type of pizza topping

Pepperoni (34%)
Cheese (23%)
Sausage (17%)
Mushrooms (10%)
Onions (6%)

Name a popular social media platform.

Facebook (43%)
Instagram (24%)
Twitter (16%)
TikTok (8%)
Snapchat (5%)

Name a common type of pet

Dog (49%)
Cat (24%)
Fish (9%)
Bird (6%)
Hamster/Guinea Pig (4%)

Name a popular type of tree.

Oak (28%)
Maple (24%)
Pine (18%)
Redwood (9%)
Palm (5%)

Name a popular type of seafood..

Shrimp (36%)
Salmon (20%)
Crab (15%)
Lobster (12%)
Tuna (7%)

Name a popular type of vegetable.

Carrot (20%)
Broccoli (18%)
Potato (15%)
Tomato (14%)
Corn (9%)

Name a popular type of musical instrument.

Guitar (35%)
Piano (23%)
Drums (12%)
Violin (8%)
Saxophone (5%)

Name a popular type of candy.

Chocolate (34%)
Gummy Bears (22%)
Skittles (15%)
Sour Patch Kids (9%)
M&M’s (7%)

Name a popular type of ice cream flavor.

Chocolate (22%)
Vanilla (19%)
Strawberry (15%)
Mint Chocolate Chip (12%)
Cookies and Cream (9%)

Name a popular type of car.

Ford (20%)
Toyota (18%)
Chevrolet (17%)
Honda (13%)
Nissan (8%)

Name a popular type of alcoholic drink.

Beer (35%)
Wine (23%)
Vodka (15%)
Whiskey (10%)
Rum (7%)

Name a popular type of non-alcoholic drink.

Water (31%)
Soda (23%)
Juice (19%)
Tea (13%)
Coffee (9%)

Name a popular type of dessert.

Cake (28%)
Ice Cream (24%)
Pie (17%)
Cookies (12%)
Brownies (6%)

Name a popular type of board game.

Monopoly (42%)
Scrabble (16%)
Chess (10%)
Clue (9%)
Risk (5%)

Name a popular type of outdoor activity.

Camping (27%)
Hiking (24%)
Fishing (17%)
Biking (11%)
Swimming (8%)

Name a popular type of winter sport.

Skiing (41%)
Ice Skating (25%)
Snowboarding (16%)
Sledding (9%)
Hockey (5%)

Name a popular type of pizza chain.

Domino’s (32%)
Pizza Hut (26%)
Papa John’s (16%)
Little Caesars (9%)
Marco’s Pizza (5%)

Name a popular type of clothing store.

Macy’s (25%)
H&M (19%)
Old Navy (17%)
Forever 21 (12%)
Zara (8%)

Name a popular type of shoe brand.

Nike (45%)
Adidas (24%)
Converse (9%)
Vans (7%)
New Balance (3%)

Name a popular type of holiday.

Christmas (45%)
Thanksgiving (18%)
Halloween (14%)
Fourth of July (7%)
Easter (5%)

Name a popular type of vegetable used in soup.

Carrot (36%)
Onion (23%)
Celery (17%)
Potato (10%)
Tomato (7%)

Name a popular type of restaurant cuisine.

Italian (28%)
Chinese (24%)
Mexican (18%)
American (12%)
Japanese (7%)

Name a popular type of snack food.

Chips (42%)
Popcorn (22%)
Pretzels (12%)
Crackers (8%)
Nuts (5%)

Name a popular type of hair color.

Brown (38%)
Blonde (27%)
Black (16%)
Red (9%)
Gray/Silver (3%)

Name a popular type of potato chip flavor.

Barbecue (30%)
Sour Cream and Onion (27%)
Plain/Salted (20%)
Cheese (10%)
Hot and Spicy (5%)

Name a popular type of soup.

Chicken Noodle (36%)
Tomato (19%)
Clam Chowder (12%)
Minestrone (9%)
Broccoli Cheddar (7%

Name a popular type of nut.

Peanut (49%)
Almond (23%)
Cashew (11%)
Walnut (6%)
Pecan (3%)

Name a popular type of sandwich.

Peanut Butter and Jelly (25%)
Ham and Cheese (20%)
BLT (15%)
Turkey and Cheese (10%)
Grilled Cheese (7%)

Name a popular type of condiment.

Ketchup (44%)
Mustard (24%)
Mayonnaise (19%)
Ranch Dressing (7%)
Barbecue Sauce (3%)

Name a popular type of breakfast food.

Pancakes (27%)
Eggs (24%)
Bacon (19%)
Cereal (15%)
Waffles (7%)

Name a popular type of exercise.

Running (30%)
Walking (18%)
Yoga (15%)
Weightlifting (10%)
Swimming (7%)

Name a popular type of kitchen appliance.

Refrigerator (34%)
Oven (21%)
Dishwasher (14%)
Microwave (9%)
Blender (5%)

Name a popular type of breakfast pastry.

Donut (37%)
Bagel (22%)
Croissant (16%)
Muffin (9%)
Danish (5%)

Name a House You Never Want to Be In 

Haunted House (27)
Jail/Big House (11)
Doghouse (8)
Drug House (7)
Small House (7)

If You Could Go to the Land of OZ, What Would You Ask the Wizard For? 

Money (37)
Health/A New Heart (17)
A Brain (7)
Hot Bod (5)
Peace on Earth (4)

What’s Something You Keep in Your Car, Just in Case? 

Money/Coins (19)
Food/Water (18)
First Aid Kit (18)
Spare Tire (15)
Map (7)

So next family night sorted then?!