5 Sleeping Early Tips For A Successful Business

In this blog you’ll find relevant Sleeping early tips that will ultimately help you wake up early.

Read on and you’ll find benefits of sleeping early too along with the tips ?

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Renowned neurologist Dr David Perlmutter has stated (in The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan) that after 10pm the body metabolizes a lot of waste products, and during 11pm-2am, the immune system recharges itself, so sleeping at this time is too crucial to gain the benefits of sleep.

Matthew Walker, leading sleep expert (currently Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, as well as founder and director of the Center for Human Sleep Science), in his New York Times bestseller Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams explains the science behind the tremendous benefits of sleeping early and on a decent hour –

Sleep is made up of 90-minute cycles, during which the brain moves from deep non-rapid eye movement (non-REM) sleep to rapid eye movement (REM).

The cycles remain fairly consistent but the split between non-REM and REM changes.

Non-REM dominates the cycle in the early part of the night and then REM takes over as we move closer to daybreak.

Non-REM sleep is much deeper and restorative than REM (although both provide different benefits).

Keeping the above mentioned facts in mind and also the fact that you would have to wake up in 7-8 hours – first of all decide on your target time – when you would actually would want to sleep.

Not to stress you out, But it is not just important to sleep 7-8 hours but sleeping at a decent hour is extremely important to gain the benefits of those 7-8 hours of sleep. Sleeping early tips come to work here now.

TIP #1

I know I might have scared you off and it must seem impossible to refine the lifestyle in a way that respects all your body’s needs. So just focus on my first tip first and make it your anthem.

NO CHANGE OCCURS INSTANTLY – You must have been following your current lifestyle for around 10-20-30-40-50 years, all your habits and commitments have been formed around this particular lifestyle. ALL your bodily functions have moulded themselves according to it.


It might seem overwhelming at first so to not to overwhelm yourself – START VERYYYY SMALL!

Start with such small change that your routine isn’t even affected too much too quickly, for example you could start by sleeping just 10 minutes early.

This might seem too minimal at the moment but get this – By becoming 1% better everyday, In a 100 days you become a 100% better or even in 70 days or less if we are able to stack some growth towards the 40th-50th days.

Main thing is Consistency and Belief that in a month or two or maybe within weeks it’ll be perfectly healthy.

TIP #2

HAVE A STRONG REASON – Read just one article daily on how sleeping early or waking up early benefits your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health.

In this way you clear out your path off any laziness, instincts of succumbing to comfortable but unhealthy habits and you have a mindful purpose while making the 1% change everyday.

TIP #3

TRACK THE PROGRESS – In your notes app on your phone write your realistic starting point, it could even be 2am-3am whatever is EASY for you and that day sleep exactly at that particular time.

The next day write a time that is 5-10 mins. Early – no embarrassment in writing 2:55am – we’re on the right path here, let’s be happy positive and motivated considering that. Sleep at that particular time that day.

This very small practice helps you to be consistent everyday so that your goal doesn’t get lost among the thousands of other thoughts that occupy our minds.

And you can track your sleep progress more healthily this way.

TIP #4

Along with baby stepping your way to sleep early, you need to also baby step your way into leaving any kind of screen time during the night time.

You can replace the last hour of night from using your phone to reading a book or listening to music, this will REALLY boost your early sleeping practice.

TIP #5

BE PATIENT, however easy or hard this might be for you – you have to believe that at the end with consistent practice of above mentioned tips you’ll be able to sleep early and gain the magical benefits of sleeping at a decent hour for 7-8 hours.


At the end all of this is for getting you in a more successful and healthy routine and how would that ever be possible with a negative mindset, So – STAY CALM AND BE POSITIVE – YOU’LL BE YOUR BEST BEST VERSION VERY VERY SOON.

Sending loads of love, light, knowledge and happiness your way.

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