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5 Mental Health Benefits of Journaling to ensure your happiest and most successful life

Mental Health Benefits of Journaling are getting popular nowadays, which has prompted masses to try it out.


Journaling is basically you keeping a diary in which you record your thoughts and feelings. You may even use it to list your desires throughout life, list goals, practice gratitude.

People even use it to write letters to society, the world, a specific person. You don’t have to record all your days and routines like we did when we were kids – if you don’t want to.

You can check this article here to know more about What Journaling is and how you can start doing it.

Here, we are just going to focus on the mental health benefits of Journaling.

#1 Healthy Flow of Emotions

Repressing emotions you’re feeling whether negative or positive is an unhealthy act.

By sorting out your emotions through journaling you let them flow through you.

Letting all of the emotions you’re experiencing flow through you ensures that none of them are being repressed or supressed in your non-conscious.

And when you face what you’re feeling – it literally clears up your head.

#2 Knowledge of Self

Journaling let’s you sort out your thoughts and pick the ones that matter to you the most at any given moment.

This lets the real you OUT.

You might have supressed certain dreams, talents or something about you in a corner of your mind.

Journaling allows you to express yourself freely which ensures that you get to know yourself on a deeper level.

#3 Store the Best

Journaling allows you to store your ideas that might have popped up at odd moments.

Many a times it happens that we’d be in a conversation with a friend when a million dollar idea would hit us but then we forget about it and don’t develop it into something real.

Journaling makes sure this doesn’t happen as you can jot down in your journal such curious thoughts as soon as they enter your mind.

#4 Release Negative Thoughts

Journaling helps you clear your head of any negative or heavy thoughts you might be encountering.

Acknowledging Negative thoughts instead of forcefully thinking positive as soon as one negative thought comes up is the right way to deal with them.

When you force a negative thought out, you’re unintentionally supressing it and it will bundle up and come with even greater power later.

So whenever you have negative thoughts just organize them in your journal, Let those feelings out by crying, punching pillow or screaming in your head or out loud alone if situation allows.

This helps release the negative thought out of your mind, body and energy field.

And after releasing it completely you can start planting positive seeds in your mind.

#5 Peaceful Mind

Journaling makes you feel calm.

It gives your mind the expression it needed.

Because of which it once again becomes peaceful.

While journaling people always find the right thoughts, the right path and their true self which dictates the conditions of their future lives.