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30 life tips you need to know

These are some of the life tips which could help you be productive and achieve your goals.

1- Spend time with nature. Go for a walk in the park or meditate when feeling exhausted. It will relax your mind.

use stairs

2- Walk instead of using transport for short distances. Use stairs instead of lift when possible. It will strengthen your willpower.

3- Lust is a powerful emotion. It’s difficult to overcome lust (Pornography addiction is an example). But you can redirect it. Just like any addiction, distance yourself from it when it starts harming you. Learn self-discipline, it will help.

Calorie Deficit

4- Want to lose weight: Have a healthy diet. Limit your sugar intake, eat less junk food. Count your calories. Workout at least 4 times a week to lose weight fast.

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5- Don’t resist your cravings, redirect them. You don’t get rid of bad habits, you replace them with good ones.

Life goals
Life Goals

6- Set small goals and reward yourself for achieving those goals.

7- Social media is full of lies. Your “wanderlust” friend came back from his expedition on Monday morning at 6:00 AM and was in his office at 9:00 AM so as not to miss his weekly meeting.


8- Online shopping could be cheaper than shopping in malls.

9- Never spend money on online games. These games are designed in a way to make you addicted. You will regret spending money on them sooner or later.

Dating Apps

10- Never buy premium membership of dating apps like Tinder. It’s not worth it. These apps exploit your impatience and cravings.

11- Learn to say No! Don’t get drifted by the peer pressure. I have seen people taking wrong decisions because of their friends and later cursing them, when damage was done.


12- Read news or books on subjects like Startups, Economy, New technological trends etc to keep yourself in pace with the changing world.

13- Try to stay away from alcohol & drugs. If your friends do drugs, it’s time to find new friends.

Career vs Friends

14- Friends are an important part of life but never put them above your career. Set your priorities right.

15- Become passionate about your work rather than chasing six digit salary. Follow your passion and success will follow.

Hard Work

16- Work hard but don’t get overworked. Remember, “Success is not permanent and failure is not final.” If you are hard working, you will find your way.

17- Never chase anyone. The more you run after them, the more they will elude you. If you turn your attention from them, they themselves will come to you.


18- Love is an important aspect of life. Sometimes more important than friendship and success. Don’t become weak because of it rather make it your strength.

19- Don’t get married until you have a stable job with sufficient money in the bank to pay for your own wedding. Don’t be dependent on your parents for your wedding expenditure.

Married Couple

20- Don’t get married because of money or appearance only. Such a relationship won’t last. Choose your partner wisely. He/She will be your support pillar for rest of your life.

21- Manage your finances yourself. Spend less, invest more. Avoid credit cards, keep them for emergency.


22- Don’t be jealous of others. Jealousy is natural for competitive people but try to convert it into a constructive attitude. Instead of getting overwhelmed with negativity, learn from your competitors rather than thinking ill of them.

23- Love yourself and be kind to others. Treat others the same way, you want to get treated by them.


24- Do good without expecting anything in return. Where there are expectations, there will be disappointments and thus anguish.

25- Expecting life to be fair to you because you have never done anyone harm is like expecting a lion not to eat you because you are a vegetarian.


26- Have an unforgettable youth. Fall in love, make mistakes, take the wrong train, travel the world with that significant other. Follow your heart because brain is too serious to be taken seriously. Have a youth life, so that you don’t have regrets when you age old but rather have memories to cherish.

27- Embrace constructive criticism but tend to avoid negativity. Stay away from people who are always criticising without any reason. Arguing with such people is a waste of time.


28- Stay productive, develop atomic-habits. Try to do one productive thing every day, be it completing your assignment, coding your project, hitting the gym or writing an essay.

29- Identify your drain zones. Try to find, where you are losing your energy and resources but not getting any significant output. Like browsing social networking sites, watching unnecessary YouTube videos, online gaming, lossy investments or excessive social interactions. Stop them immediately.


30- Be honest to yourself about your capabilities and weaknesses.

Have a good day!