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22 Weirdly Funny Questions That’ll Shock You To Your Core & Question Humans

I have seen my fair share of weird yet funny questions around the internet and these are some of the most intriguing picks that I came across.

Human beings can shock you physically, mentally, morally and spiritually and here is a living legitimate proof of that.

Weirdly funny questions
What your reaction is going to be after reading these/ Gif by tenor

1. This woman thinks his son is possessed because of his choice of music. Someone has been watching a lot of cult fiction lately.

2. Well the Ten second rule has now changed to the Ten week rule apparently. I don’t think this person believes in hygiene and cleanliness a lot.

3. OH. MY. GOD. Bless the person who told these so called adults the real meaning of child support.

4. When the mother read a little too many parenthood books or none at all. I really cannot believe this is true. Can you?

5. To what extent have you gone to get good grades?

6. I literally feel for that poor baby. I hope the husband has a different say and is heard.

7. I wonder who will they sue? The bee or the neighbor?

8. I get an anaesthetic even when I’m getting tooth fillings. Hats off to her if she believes she can stay wide awake with her heart wide open, quite literally.

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9. Love is blind and deaf. Here is a proof.

10. I am seriously appalled by some of the questions asked by these parents. I mean they are actually asking these questions. HOW?

11. You know this is actually true. Just read what the person has written in the answer. People actually believe that. This is not a joke.

12. Would you eat Justin? Would you? I’m sure this person was high on something. This in no way could be a sincere question.

13. Way to see the good in people.

14. That reality show might turn out be a really popular one. Are you seeing the creativity of a human mind? Now how does this person think of this?

15. Seriously, is this a trick question?

16. When I said weirdly funny question, this is what I meant.

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17. 100 bucks to people who can read this with a straight face.

18. At least the person wants to know the real value of being a hater. Also, when we are talking about haters, we would know it’s this person specifically.

19. Please someone send this person to 1945 to have some REAL fun.

20. I hope this was a five year old kid.

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21. Some people just love to sue anyone and everyone.

22. Some people really be taking some weird stuff.

Whats the most weirdly funny question you have ever heard? Share so that everyone can question everyone.