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22 Funny Tweets on Twitter Everyone is sharing with their friends/family

The funny tweets on Twitter is the reason I even use the app, also the controversial ones. I know I’m not the only one whose big source of entertainment is reading people’s comments for the respective tweets. Some are even funnier than the tweet itself!

Let’s pause and laugh.

Funniest tweets on Twitter that’ll make you go LMAO

#1 The Oscars

Credit: @MrSkinnyGenes

I mean that’s actually very true.

#2 The mental peace

Credit: @sarahbellumPA

Why is it hard for people to understand the importance of rest for our own mental health!

#3 The Idgaf guy

Credit: @clichedout


#4 The sorted priorities

Credit: MonteSmiff

#5 The ultimate question

Credit: sahana_srini

#6 The entertainer

Credit: @LukeElliottS

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#7 The fake accent

Credit: @QuanAmazon

#8 The cuteness

Credit: @CheeseCakePCK

Can somebody bless the kid already?

#9 The truth

Credit: @lenaruthsolow

Yes, shut-up karen.

#10 The witty one

Funny tweets twitter
Credit: @queer_queenie

Love the creativity! Funny tweets like these make me addicted to Twitter.

#11 The look

Credit: @charliektcobalt

If this ain’t funny, I don’t know what is!

#12 The necessary

Credit: @kellynotbrecht

Haha we realllyy do

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#13 The savage

Credit: @ssozinha__

Savagery at it’s finest!

#14 The stereotypes

Credit: @pragdua

Well at-least the bot understands!

#15 The crazy rules

Credit: @plantjoys

This folk took the words right out of my mouth.

#16 The anxiety

Credit: @sstarrgiirll

#17 The candles

Credit: @dril

Hope those candles were worth it.

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#18 The annoyance

Credit: @folkeiry

#19 The one

Credit: @NoEmmeG

So what’s your passion project of the season?

#20 The childhood traumas

Credit: @brndxix

And that’s healthy parenting.

#21 The hype

Credit: @CodeineFridge

I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens.

#22 The knowledge

Credit: @James_Kpatrick

So which one are you going to share with your friends? Or should I say which ones!