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22 Funniest Memes About Work That’ll Make You Laugh And Cry At The Same Time

We found the funniest memes about work on the internet right now to help you start your monday with a smile.

As some of the offices are back into operation, seeing your bosses’ face and hearing their complaints would be a little easier if you start your week with these funny memes.

I’m assuming you are here because you are bored in your office and want something funny and relatable and also want to show your boss you are working hard on your computer.

So although it’s going to be really hard but try not to laugh loudly. We don’t want to get you caught! Let’s smash those Monday morning blues.

Also feel free to share these funniest memes about work with your coworkers.

Funniest memes about work on the internet right now

#1 The traffic shazam

Funniest memes about work
Credits @memes

We all love this kind of traffic, don’t we?

#2 The positive Pam

Start your day with a positive note, so much for that.

Credits @iFunny

#3 The Office meme

Funniest Memes about work
Credits NA

The funniest meme about work, handsdown.

#4 The dead inside look

Somebody start a four day work week program.

#5 The first few days

Funniest Memes about work
Credits NA

Do you care?

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#6 The truth

Credits NA

I need a vacation ASAP!

#7 The bird analogy

Funniest Memes about work
Credits @ebaumsworld

If I was a bird, I’d hit my boss with my beak.

#8 The office buddies

Send this to your office buddy.

#9 The prankster

Funniest Memes about work
Credits @digitalmom

Who’s the Jim to your Dwight?

#10 The alarm army

I can still hear them ring.

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#11 The impossible

At this point, I’m convinced this cannot happen.

#12 The circle

It’s like merry go round except you would literally be screaming for your life on this one.

#13 The fakester

Oh what no no that’s not me crying, haha!

#14 The reality

Don’t hit us like that, now!

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#15 The useless feedback

I do not have time for this, I do not have time for you.

#16 The fakster part 2

Let’s all agree, we don’t like all of our colleagues now.

#17 The coffee addict

Coffee is my poison.

#18 The work massacre

Credits @whatpermit

A little too much but you get the point.

#19 The shopoholic

What’s your ‘that’?

#20 The Michael meme

Seriously why though?

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#21 The wordle

Who else hates meetings?

#22 The Q/A

Credits @jahmeretyree_

I mean isn’t it!

Hope you are all in a good mood now. So if you are done sharing these funniest memes about work to your friends, go back to those emails. See you tomorrow!