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15 Funny Tweets On Twitter To Make You Laugh Out Loud

Start your day with a good laugh and look how it changes your entire mood. These funny tweets will give a funny head start to your otherwise gloomy Mondays.

Funny Tweets

1. Lol for real though? Does this happen?

2. hahah BURN!

3. It’s the third year into the pandemic and still this tweet is funny

4. Aight?

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5. Really good analogy

6. If I were you, I’d run

7. Somebody please feed this person

8. Do I what?

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9. What do you mean you have a life?

10. Okay WOW

11. Maybe she was already on tequila before she wrote this

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12. That’d be really cute if I liked children

13. Now this is LAMOOO

14. Idk if this is sad or what but I think this person is really intelligent

15. Get a life DAVEEE