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11 Trending Movies On HBO Max That You Just Can’t Miss

It was a task finding the ten best movies on HBO Max but we did it. From the vast and super amazing library, these ten movies in our opinion are the ones everyone should watch at least once in their lifetime.

Since their launch in 2020, HBO Max has done a wonderful job in becoming one of the best streaming services right now. Their collection ranges from true classics to latest releases and it can get very difficult to choose from such great movies.

That’s why we did your job and curated you the best movies on HBO Max so you can just relax and not waste your time in doing so. Ready to binge?

Top 10 Classic Movies On HBO Max

Movies on HBO max

1. Casablanca

8.5/10- IMDb

Casablanca always was, and always will be a classic. A treasured classic,if I may.

It really is a movie that has it all—action, adventure, intrigue, romance, patriotism, sacrifice and the birth of my favorite phrase of all time- “Here’s looking at you, kid.” 

2. The Aviator

7.5/10 -IMDb

If Leo is in it, it has to be a masterpeice. The story is about a guy named Howard Hughes, an eccentric tycoon with a genius mind, has a mental illness that threatens to ruin his career. When his struggles exceed the limit of his perseverance, he reminisces about the past.

And the charm of the ’20s are very nicely depicted in the movie which is just a cherry on the top.

3. You’ve got mail

6.7/10- IMDb

You will see most of the movies here are from the most legendary actors and Tom Hanks is the definition of legendary.

The cute romantic movie starring my favorites, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks is a story about the owner of a bookstore chain and how he meets the owner of a quaint little bookshop online and they fall in love with each other.

However, they are unaware that they are actually business rivals. I’m not gonna give any spoilers now. You’ll have to see how ot ends- in a big fight or a start of happily ever after!

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4. Goodfellas

8.7/10- IMDb

How can I curate a list of the best movies on HBO Max without Martin Scorsese in it.

The hugely popular dialogue,”As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster” made everyone wanted to be a gangster. Lol just kidding.

How Young Henry Hill, with his friends Jimmy and Tommy, begins the climb from being a petty criminal to a gangster on the mean streets of New York will entertain you like you have never been before.

If you are a movie fanatic and you haven’t seen this masterpiece, you are not a movie fanatic. Go watch it right now!

5. West Side Story

7.2/10- IMDb

HBO really got the best movie collection. I mean every one of these is a masterpiece.

West side story is one of the best Steven Spielberg’s creation and you know how difficult it must be to say because that man is a genius. His direction gets better and better but this movie was just something else.

Love at first sight strikes when young Tony spots Maria at a high school dance in 1957 New York City. Their burgeoning romance helps to fuel the fire between the warring Jets and Sharks — two rival gangs vying for control of the streets. So will they or won’t they?

Ps- The ending will destroy you. Enough said.

6. The Dark Knight

9/10- IMDb

With Christopher Nolan, you can never go wrong. I don’t know about you but Batman is my superhero, how can he not be? Have you seen his batmobile?!

Christian Bale with Heath Ledger made the movie what it is today. I can’t describe it, you’ll have to see for yourself. Also here are the most popular batman quotes you may or many not know.

7. Bonnie and Clyde

7.7/10- IMDb

This classic has to be on your watchlist.

A small-town girl and a bank robber fall in love and begin a crime spree extending from Oklahoma to Texas. They rob small banks with skill and panache and become celebrities known across the country.

This and Casablanca have to be the movies with the maximum references, not shocked though.

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8. Capote

7.3/10- IMDb

It’s Philip Seymour Hoffman’s best performance of his career and we all know what brilliant performances he has given. His death was an irreplaceable loss for the Hollywood.

Truman Capote, a writer, travels to Kansas with his partner to research a murder case for his new book. Soon, he shows compassion towards the killers and develops a relationship with one of them.

It’s dark, deep and intense and surely a movie to watch atleast once in a lifetime.

9. Cleo from 5 to 7

7.9/10- IMDb

One thing I don’t like about HBO Max is such a small collection of movies directed by females. You can literally count them fingers possibly because there is still a dependency on “male” gender to make a blockbuster movie.

And Cleo from 5 to 7 proves them wrong. Agnes Varda’s best work is about Cleo, an arrogant pop star, who is a nervous wreck as she awaits the results of a biopsy test. With almost two hours to kill before the results are revealed, she wanders around and bumps into a soldier.

What happens next is what you’ll have to see!

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10. Collateral

7.5/10- IMDb

Action/ thriller starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Fox, one of the best performances of their careers.

Max, a cab driver, is shocked after he learns that his passenger, Vincent, is an assassin who is on a deadly mission to kill people. However, he must stop Vincent before it is too late. A wonderfully directed must watch!

11. Diabolique

8.1/10- IMDb

The director of the classic horror Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock made yet another intensely thrilling movie Diabolique and we can’t be more thankful.

The final act with a rip-roaring twist would make your fists clench and your heart beat fast. I don’t want to spoil anything so you will have to go and watch this gem of a movie on your own.