10 Weird Jobs That Pay Surprising Well- 5 Will Shock You

You will be surprised to know how many people go for these weird jobs that surprisingly pay well.

Obviously these unconventional jobs are not everyone’s cup of tea but once you get the hang of it, some people even make a living out of it.

If you have some free time on your hands and want to try something crazy and weird, i would suggest you go for it ’cause why not!

Why are these jobs weird?

First of all, by calling these jobs weird or odd, we don’t mean to disrespect any of these at all. Some of these even pay higher than your conventional jobs.

It’s about what interests you and brings you happiness. If being an ice- cream taster brings you peace and contentment, then be an ice-cream taster.

10 Weird/Odd Jobs Paying Well

1. Food Stylist

Initially I used to think that food plating or food styling is a chef’s job only. But clearly I was wrong.

You know how that scrumptious pizza with cheese dripping we see on insta and then cry about how we have to eat salad, they don’t look like that, food stylists make them look like that.

They are paid to make food look so aesthetically pleasing that you can not just not try it.

Average salary range: $24,000-$91,000

2. Professional bridesmaid

Now not everyone has a bff who would be willing to take up the bridesmaid’s duties seriously, from calming the bride’s last minute jitters to making sure every single thing has a backup.

It is not an easy job. Here’s a wonderful article by Cosmopolitan describing what it’s like to be a professional bridesmaid.

They actually meetup to create an error free backstory so that guests are convinced they know each other since ages. They have to learn everything about the bride right from when she had her first kiss to what her passion or calling is.

Definitely seems like an interesting and risky job but life is short, give it a try!

Average salary: $42,000- $80,000

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3. Body part model

This weird job actually pays surprisingly well because sometimes big brands hire these professional body part models if they have to promote a nail paint or necklace.

You may even find yourself doubling for celebrities who have a less-than-appealing set of their own.

Average salary: $1,000-$10,000 for a day’s work, up to $75,000 per year

4. Nail paint namer

Popular brands hire people who are extremely creative and can give cool exciting names to their brands.

They never just name the color for that nail paint. They are paid to come up with clever and catchy names.

Average salary: ~$30,000

Check out this article how big brands come up with their cool names.

5. Professional sleeper

You literally get paid to sleep! How awesome is that! If I had a dollar for every nap I take, I would be a trillionaire.

The basic idea of the job is that they generally do this as part of scientific research focused on analysing sleep patterns or evaluating the quality of various sleep-related products.

You will be expected to:

  • Test mattresses, pillows and quilts.
  • Write detailed reports on comfort, room lighting, feelings and noise disruption.
  • Occasionally take sleep aids that will help you fall asleep for medical trials.

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6. Professional mermaid

As fascinating as it sounds, this job isn’t an easy one.

We all know mermaids are mythical creatures loved by children. Their jobs include such as:

  • Children’s parties: swimming with kids, playing games with them, answering their questions, taking photos with them, singing to them, or maybe reading a book to them.
  • Beach/pool party/luxury event: Swimming with guests, chatting with them, taking pictures etc.
  • Festivals: where they are put in a tank to perform
  • Acting/Modelling: For commercials, movies etc.

Average salary: ~$43,000

7. Chief Listening officer

These “listeners” are responsible for gathering information across a variety of situations.

Their job is to share their insights proactively with different levels of the organization, and it’s up to them to transform the feedback into actionable insights.

Average salary: ~$80,000

8. Professional Queuer

You know how time consuming it can be to wait in line for your latest play station only to know they are finished.

But professional queuers are here to save the day. They stand in lines whenever you want a ticket to a concert or a gadget you have been waiting for so long.

Average salary: ~$20/hour

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A fortune cookie writer is responsible for writing short one-liner “fortunes” inside cookies.

They then sell them to companies if they are freelancing or even some companies hire them.

A lot of time, effort and study goes into those tiny little pieces of writing. They are usually twenty words or less. You have to have creative writing skills to become one.

Average salary: $40,000- $80,000

10. Animal psychologists

If you are an animal and a science lover both, try persuing this career.

Animal psychology is a scientific field that studies the mental health and behavior of non-human animals to diagnose animal disorders.

Animal psychology encompasses both practice and theory. In academic research, animal psychologists monitor animal interaction with themselves, their environment and with humans.

In practice, they observe animals and promote animal welfare in zoos, animal parks and nature reserves.

This, in my opinion is one of the best weird jobs and it pays unimaginably well.

Average salary: ~$70,000 or more


I always believe in do what you actually want to do irrespective of what people might say. After all it’s your life, not theirs. If in your heart, you feel that you would be rather doing a weird or an unconventional job because it makes you happy, do that.

These weird jobs that actually pay well are only weird because all of us really asume these jobs are done. But who does them?

So hats off to all these people who make our lives easier by going for these unconventional jobs.

What would be your favorite?