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10 Ultimate computer games of 90s that we all secretly miss

90s computer games are like the OGs of gaming industry. Rushing from the school when the last bell rang just to sit on our PC and play contra were probably my favorite moments of the 90s. *playing night changes by harry styles in the background*

Those little cassettes and the chunky old computer had us dancing at it’s tips. They might be outdated but they were the highlight of every millenial and genx.

90s computer games
Photo by Alexander Kovalev on Pexels.com

1. Simcity

Simple but difficult. Those who know, know. This game was all about playing strategically how you need to run a city. And let’s agree neither of us is a mayor. Your decisions can grow or destroy the city. Imagine the responsibility!

2. Warcraft: Orcs and Humans

“Welcome to the World of Warcraft!” If you remember that, you had an amazing childhood. The dark and exciting music really set the tone for things to come. If Warcraft wouldn’t have been there, MMORPG wouldn’t have too.

3. Doom

The game takes place in Mars so you can imagine. Doom manages to challenge the conventions of the first-person shooter genre by going back to its roots. It will have you breathing heavily, cursing in frustration, and screaming in triumph.

4. Half life

Half-Life’s creative designs, superb A.I., thrilling atmospheric setting, and masterful pacing all combined to make it an ultimate classic, quite possibly the best FPS of all time.

Obviously the graphics aren’t as good as they are now but it was one hell of a game.

5. Midtown Madness

I would call this game fun. Just roaming around the city without a care in the world is something we need in our real lives too. But this game atleast made it possible virtually. This one is the fun computer games of the 90s.

6. Mario

I know this game should have been at the top but it was more of a comfort game than an exciting one. I can still hear the music in my ears and I love it. The cute plumber jumping around to save the princess had us hooked to this game.

7. Pac-Man

The classic game. This game made me almost buy that giant pac-man machine. It is ADDICTIVE. Whoever made this game is an actual genius. Once you start playing it, there is no going back unless you get a claw hand because then you just physically cannot play the game.

8. Aladdin

One of my favourite 90s computer games. This game was all about adventure. The way Aladdin goes through all the hurdles, monsters and never ending cities to save princess jasmine wants all of the women to have their own Aladdin. Although instead of Aladdin I would want his lamp because it fulfills the wishes even Aladdin can’t! What about you?

9. Sonic The Hedgehog

All of these games are about running and reaching a destination. And how good it feels to reach there!? The super fast sonic running through various kinds of hurdles to win and reach his destination is pretty addictive to play.

10. Age of Empires

God this game was strategic. The importance of resources and how to use them in best way possible really enhanced my decision making. So no if our parents think we wasted our time playing these, they are absolutely wrong.

What game do you think should be at the top of the list and why?