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10 Things You Need If You Love Binge Watching Netflix

Who doesn’t like binge watching Netflix on a lazy Sunday curled up in a cozy blanket? Though since the pandemic hit, every day feels like a Sunday now. The idea of your favorite television series or your favorite rom-com with a cup of hot cocoa is so tempting. But your love for binge watching Netflix could be made even more exciting and comfortable with the things mentioned below.

1. A Wi-fi Extender

This one’s kind of obvious. How would you feel if you’re just going to find the murderer and you loose connection. That is the most annoying thing that happens while binge watching Netflix. And for that you need a wifi extender so that you can watch your favorite shows without any interruption. This TP link Wifi extender is the most popular with the many positive reviews on Amazon right now.

2. Hue Lights for a theatre experience

Wifi enabled smart LED bulb you can mount to the back of your TV to make it feel like you’re having a full theater experience without ever having to leave home. You can use the Bulb as a Timer. You can schedule the turn ON & turn OFF time as per your need. You can also configure the same to turn ON automatically in the evening and turn OFF with sunrise.

3. HD Streaming Player

 A Roku HD Streaming player with IR remote designed to work with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant tools and get your favorite shows and movies available to you at a minimal cost.

4. Warm fluffy Indoor Shoes

These warm winter shoes / slippers are extremely chic, soft and warm, especially for cold winter nights. Grab a pair of these fun, whimsical slippers that will surely put a smile on your face. Go, be your goofy selves.

Netflix binge watching

5. Backrest Cushion with Memory Foam for long binging sessions

Netflix binge watching does come with it’s own downsides.One of which is severe backache. To make your binging sessions painless and comfortable, get this backrest cushion asap.

Netflix binge watching

6. Mobile phone holder for more comfortable binging

Have you always wanted to comfortably watch Movies, Cricket match, your Favorite TV Shows, read e-books from the comfort of your bed or without your hands getting tired? Or do you want to read the new food recipes from tablet over cooking? Then this Xtore Universal Phone/Tablet Holder is the best solution for you.

It comes with flexible arm to adjust it to the comfortable position you want. It also has protective pads to prevent your mobile phone/Tablet from scratch providing your device with the delicacy that they deserve.

Netflix binge watching

7. Lazy glasses to prevent strain on your neck

It changes the sight perspectives of wearer and allows you to watch the images in front of you naturally, conveniently, comfortably and distinctly in a lying position. These amazing lazy glasses can effectively prevent and lessen the fatigue and discomfort of the neck, the lumbar vertebra and the shoulder portion.

8. Armrest tray for your sofa/couch/bed

No binging session is complete without munching on your favorite snacks. A tub of popcorn with hangover series on your screen would make for a great Sunday. So no need to fight who’ll hold the food or the drinks.

This elegant armrest wraps around your sofa/recliner armrest, and you can serve food drink/wine/whiskey with ease. It can also be used to serve food on bed/table.

Netflix binge watching

9. HD Screen magnifier

If your mobile phone serves all your entertainment purposes, then this screen magnifier will make your life so much better. No more trying to see through the small screen of your phones.

This HD Screen magnifier is compatible with all the smartphones and thoroughly solves the problem of the small screen. Moreover it is light weight, has a small size and is easy to carry, suitable for various occasions. Also it’s not power driven so saves energy and protects environment.

10. Body massager

Netflix binge watching is always amazing but let’s agree, it leaves our back with excruciating pain sometimes. And this makes it so difficult to return to work after a perfect lazy Sunday. It’s like every serial binger’s hangover.

Regular massage is a must to keep your body physically fit and relaxed. This neck massager works wonders for full body massage on body parts as back, foot, calf, shoulder, neck etc. It relieves severe tension in the muscles, eliminate stress, enhance cell stimulation for healthy skin and enhance blood circulation

Netflix binge watching

Go, get ready for the most amazing binging session ever!