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10 things to do in Engineering college to become successful

Engineering life is not easy. College is your first step into adulthood. This is a guide for your 4-years of engineering life.

Freshman Year

  • Don’t get moved by the movies like 3 Idiots, those are crap — Not everyone is Rancho, most of the people are average like Raju Rastogi. It is a false portrayal of the life of an engineering student. The only sensible line in the movie was, “Become deserving, success will come running for you”.
Engineering college life
  • Make the most of your first year, make friends, attend fests, have fun but don’t let your CGPA slide. Attend classes, don’t bunk recklessly. Have a decent attendance. Friends who ask you to bunk classes will come to you for notes during exams.
  • Many people fall in love in freshman year. But don’t be stupid. Don’t let your relationship ruin your studies. Everyone likes successful people. Otherwise you’ll regret it in your senior year when companies come for placements.
Engineering college life

Sophomore & Junior Year

  • Find your passion. This is the time. If you still don’t know, study, study & study, you will find your passion in your subjects. Just following Elon Musk on Twitter won’t make you an expert physicist or passionate about astrophysics! Rather enhance your knowledge and skills. Don’t be a “Jack of all trades & master of none!”
  • Browse education platforms and forums like Coursera, Stackexchange, Spoj, Topcoder etc instead of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Find your daily dose of motivation and inspiration from YouTube channels and Reddit topics like Ted talks, Ted-Ed, GetMotivated etc.
  • Stay focused, productive and healthy. Try to do some physical activity like running or playing some sports once a week. Try to do one productive thing every day, be it completing your assignment, coding your project or writing an essay. And gradually reduce unproductive draining activities like browsing internet or chatting unnecessarily.
Engineering college life
  • Great buildings need great foundations”. You have a startup idea, you want to make it big. But big things demand big sacrifices. Strengthen your course basics & communication skills, exercise your brain. Learn or develop intelligent hobbies like competitive programming, solving crosswords, Sudoku, reading books, newspapers, participating in debates. Exercising your brain will prevent it from getting lapse.

Senior Year

  • Learn to manage finances. Spend less, invest more. Read about investments and taxes. Because no one else will be going to teach you about taxes and you’ll be going to need that knowledge much more frequently in your life ahead.
  • Expand your network — get acquainted with smart people who share similar interests as you. Communicate with seniors, alumni, entrepreneurs and people who have succeeded in making the dent.
Engineering college life discipline
  • Last but not the least — learn Self-discipline. It will help you in your life ahead.

All the best!

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