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10 Epic Anime Fights No Anime Lover Should Miss

In the past few years, there has been a massive increase in people watching anime and the epic anime fights is one of the many reasons for it. Dragon Ball Z is the very first anime that I watched and I haven’t stopped since. The story, the graphics, the energy, the FIGHTS, everything! Of all the anime out there, these are some of the most epic anime fights till date.

Most epic anime fights of all time

1. Levi vs Kenny’s Squad – Attack on Titan

The series has gained massive popularity featuring a story about a group of humans trying to survive in a world where giants have taken over. The fight between Levi and Zeke is undoubtedly the most epic anime fights as of today.
The fight began with the death of Erwin  Smith, who used his body as a shield to  allow Levi to strike down the Beast Titan,  which he did. Levi chopped up the Beast  Titan into several pieces and made sure  Erwin’s sacrifice didn’t go in vain.

2. Naruto And Sasuke Vs. Momoshiki Otsutsuki – Borurto

The series as a whole might not be as amazing as Naruto was but the fight of Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki was marvellous. The action was stupendous, not to mention the nostalgia it gave when Naruto partnered with Sasuke to defeat Momoshiki. And the final scene of passing the torch from one generation to the next, was so beautiful.

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3. Asuka vs Eva Series – The End Of Evangelion

The way Asuka tries to not loose hope and find the courage to fight back Eva series left us all emotional. The scene where Asuka sees the spear of longinus was the one of the most thrilling and dreadful scenes I’ve ever seen.

4. Monkey D. Luffy Vs. Charlotte Katakuri – One Piece

We all know Luffy’s journey throughout the series has been supremely difficult. The fight took Toei Studios’ months of hard work to get it right. It was an episode that saw the return of  several well-known animators, including  Naotoshi Shida, Koudai Watanabe, and Tu,  among many others. The action and choreography was beyond brilliant.

5. Netero Vs. Meruem – Hunter X Hunter

The battle was fierce as both the characters have really strong personalities. In the end, Netero wasn’t able to beat Merum and he knew the only way left is to detonate himself and sacrifice himself to take Meruem ‘s life with his.

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6. Goku vs Jiren – Dragon Ball Super

Jiren’s tremendous power makes him one of the strongest character amongst anime. He has been called an unbeatable enemy by some characters like Goku who ultimately defeats Jiren. The part where Goku changed into each of his transformations to test Jiren’s strength and how fast he can block Goku’s attacks was so thrilling.

7. Saitama Vs. Lord Boros – One Punch Man

Saitama vs. Boros provided viewers with  some of the most high-quality action seen in anime. With big names like Yutaka Nakamura,  Kameda, and many others working on the  episode, it’s no surprise that Saitama’s  thrashing of Boros became what it became.

8. Naruto Vs. Sasuke – Naruto

This is one of the most epic anime fights that every Naruto fan was waiting for. This fight ends with Naruto and Sasuke blowing each other’s arms off. Sasuke ultimately conceded to Naruto and accepted defeat — as well as Naruto’s idea of peace.
The fight was delivered in an unexcetionally amazing way.

9. Mob Vs. Koyama – Mob Psycho 100

This series has many spectacular fights but this one when Mob went against Koyama blew our mind away. The incredible clash between these two powers concluded with Mob smashing his opponents into the ground after lifting himself several hundred feet in the sky.

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10. All Might vs. All For One – My Hero Academia

All Might is the hero that Izuku idolizes but he knows his reign is ending.
His body was severely damaged the last time he went against his formidable foe, and he knows that to finish All for One off, he’ll have to exhaust all the power he is left with. Seeing a weakened All Might use his most powerful move on his arch nemesis was one of the best moments of the show and it certain contributed to one of the most epic anime fights of the all time.

Which one is your favourite anime fights of all time? (Tell us in comments)